The Truth Is Out: Harry Comes Clean About Kissing Melinda on 'Perfect Match' (SPOILERS)

"I'm disappointed in the whole situation. And I made some silly decisions and I embarrassed myself," Harry says in the 'Perfect Match' finale.

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Jun. 21 2024, Updated 9:58 a.m. ET

Melinda and Harry from Perfect Match
Source: Netflix

Spoiler alert: This article contains major spoilers from Season 2 of Perfect Match.

Of all the Perfect Match contestants, Harry Jowsey steps into Season 2 with a reputation that makes nearly the entire cast look at him sideways. So, when he is accused of kissing Melinda Berry in Episode 8, it's not a huge shock to many.

However, Harry's match, Jessica Vestal, immediately takes offense — assuming, of course, that the Aussie bad boy did indeed kiss Melinda.

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As soon as Melinda alleges that she and Harry kissed off-camera, things go off-kilter in a major way. Although both parties provide slightly different accounts of what happened when Harry carried (yes, carried) a bikini-clad Melinda to the bathroom, the speculation about a secret kiss between them is very real.

Melinda has a blank expression on her face after she tells Jessica about Harry kissing her (Melinda) at the men's mixer.
Source: Netflix
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So, did Harry kiss Melinda on 'Perfect Match'?

Melinda insists multiple times that Harry kissed her after he carried her to the bathroom at the men's mixer. Despite the other guys denying witnessing this event, shortly afterward, Harry confesses to one of the men during their outing that he "messed up."

However, later on, Harry tells Jess he is ashamed simply for being too flirtatious. Could his regret actually stem from cozying up another woman, though? Well, yes! In the Season 2 finale, Harry addresses his actions on the show in front of the entire cast, confessing that he "disappointed" himself and other people.

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"Obviously, I'm disappointed in the whole situation. And I made some silly decisions and I embarrassed myself," Harry explains. "And, you know, wasn’t honest with someone that I really cared about."

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The show then airs previously unseen footage from the men's mixer. In the clips, Harry utters the crude remarks mentioned earlier by Melinda, including his desire to "f--k" her and get her pregnant. They also share a kiss, with Melinda stating, "No one's looking. No cameras. Go ahead."

Following this, Harry is seen confiding in Chris Hahn that he did something "really bad" before discussing the matter with producers. He asks them if they captured footage of him kissing Melinda, telling them, "I didn't mean to do it."

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When denying it, Harry called Melinda a "clout-chaser."

When the single Perfect Match ladies join the guys at the men's mixer, Melinda sets her eyes on Harry — and he gets pretty flirty with her in front of the cameras.

Now that we know he did indeed kiss Melinda, his comments about the Dated & Related host being a "clout-chaser" who's trying to steal screen time no longer hold relevance.

Harry rests his chin on his hand as he looks stressed in Season 2 of 'Perfect Match.'
Source: Netflix
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In case you were wondering, the fans are absolutely buzzing with joy over Harry getting caught lying once more!

"I really don't like how everybody tried to act like Melinda was 'clout chasing' and lying when we all clearly knew Harry was gaslighting TF out of her," one fan wrote on X (formerly known as Twitter).

A second X user posted, "Harry is such a nasty nasty man! The fact that he did kiss Melinda and say all those things to her! Just to turn around and lie and say he didn't and in the process insult Melinda! Nah, this guy should never be on TV again! Very vile and ugly individual! What a loser."

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"That footage of Harry and Melinda was diabolical," a third Perfect Match fan added. "The way he asked the camera crew, the [way] she said no one's looking, etc. I knew he was lying, but f--k me, what snakey snakes, man. Horrid."

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Nevertheless, many fans are also starting to realize that Melinda isn't as innocent in this situation as she claims! One X user commented, "Harry is such a narcissist and liar, but I'm shocked at Melinda’s part she played in that kiss, definitely not a girls girl."

Someone else shared, "The kiss between Melinda and Harry didn’t surprise me. What did surprise me was Melinda’s role in all of this. You both decided to kiss off-camera, so why bring it up on camera?"

Perfect Match is now streaming on Netflix.

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