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Did Jenna Marbles and Julien Solomita Break Up?



When YouTube veteran Jenna Marbles announced she would be leaving her YouTube channel, many of her fans instantly worried about what more was going on behind the scenes. Since her video announcing her leave, fans of her channel have voiced concern about the former influencer, wondering how she's doing.

One thing they've recently worried about is if she and her longtime partner, Julien Solomita, are still together. Have the couple recently broken up?

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Did Jenna Marbles and Julien Solomita break up?

Fans of the duo have noticed that Julien has been without his partner-in-crime in all of his recent videos. Since Jenna announced that she would be leaving YouTube, potentially indefinitely, she has been completely absent online. Even in Julien's videos, where she usually makes a brief cameo to try some of his new culinary creation, she has been completely absent.

In an effort to explain her continued absence, some of their fans have been wondering if the couple has actually broken up

Source: Instagram
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Luckily, it doesn't seem that Jenna and Julien have actually broken up. While Jenna may no longer be present on the internet in any public sense, her absence has not translated to her relationship, and it appears the couple are still very much together.

Jenna and Julien have been together since 2013 and recently purchased a house. At this time, it seems that Jenna's absence from Julien's videos is only due to her desire to remain offline for the time being.

Jenna is officially leaving her joint channels with Julien.

While some had hoped that Jenna's leave of absence would only apply to her YouTube channel, fans were disappointed to learn that Jenna would also be leaving the joint channels she shared with Julien. The duo shared a podcast and Twitch channel under the name JennaJulien. Between the two outlets, they published one podcast a week and at least one stream a week, though usually either Jenna or Julien streamed more than once a week.

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In a recent Twitch stream, Julien revealed that just over a month after Jenna made her decision to leave, their joint channels would be rebranding to only reflect Julien as a member of the stream, removing Jenna's name from the channels.

"One of the most significant of those changes is that the channel will switch to just my name," he said of some recent rebranding decisions. "I'll show you guys the changes as they come, but I wanted you guys to know."

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Julien further explained that the change was not to fully rebrand the channel or anything drastic but to prevent any "misleading" assumptions about the channel by leaving Jenna's name as part of the brand.

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"In an attempt to do our best in not misleading anyone who comes to the stream, and to show respect to everyone involved with the stream who is now involved with the stream, I feel like it's only fair to people who are watching, they know what they are getting," he said. "I don't want to false advertise, I don't want to hold out false hope or anything like that."

Julien reassured viewers that this didn't mean the content of the streams would change, but he wanted to forewarn them of the upcoming branding changes.

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