Kordell Never Said He Was "90-10" in His Relationship With Serena — Here's What Happened

Kordell is in a love triangle with Serena and Daia on 'Love Island USA.'

Anna Quintana - Author

Jul. 10 2024, Published 1:32 p.m. ET

Kordell and Serena on Love Island USA
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In the words of Tyra Banks, we were all rooting for you, Kordell.

Unfortunately, when Kordell, the little brother of Odell Beckham Jr., decided to return to The Villa on Love Island USA with Daia, instead of recoupling with our Queen Serena, fans were devastated.

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However, no one as much as Serena, who was seemingly blindsided by Kordell's decision, despite receiving video footage of Kordell getting handsy in Casa Amor.

Fast forward, and Serena's BFF Leah told her that Kordell told Daia he was "90-10" regarding his feelings for Serena after a conversation with Miguel.

However, did that really happen? Let's investigate.

kordell daia love island usa
Source: Peacock

Daia and Kordell on 'Love Island USA.'

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Kordell was honest about his connection with Serena in Casa Amor.

Kordell was open about wanting to pursue other connections in Casa Amor — with Daia and his fellow Islanders. However, he also expressed guilt for potentially hurting Serena.

"I feel like me and Daia connect really well," Kordell said on the show. "I like what our connection is. And I told myself if there's a connection there, I'm not going to stop myself from pursuing that. And obviously, I've been thinking about Serena. I'm wearing a ring she gave me, you know?"

He continued, "With Serena, it took this long to get to where we at now."

Kordell even told Daia, "I do f--k with things I do have back there with Serena... and remember I told you it's going to take a lot for me to turn my head, but you right there."

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serena kordell love island usa
Source: Peacock

Kordell kissing Serena on 'Love Island USA.'

So, did Kordell ever say "90-10" like Miguel claimed?

After both Miguel and Kordell returned to The Villa as new couples, it was time for damage control. In a conversation with his former partner Leah, Miguel tried to defend Kordell's decision to stay with Daia.

"I don't think [Kordell] did anything wrong," Miguel told Leah, who called out Kordell's PDA with Daia, "That's just a fraction of what they were doing. The other 90 percent he kept saying to her, 'If you come back with me, how would you feel if I get back with Serena?" And she said, 'I'd be fine with that.'"

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So, here is where the miscommunication happened. Leah interpreted Miguel's words as Kordell was still 90 percent on Serena, instead of Kordell and Daia spending 90 percent of their time talking and not kissing, as the video portrayed.

Miguel also reiterated, "No, not 90 percent" to Leah but the damage was done.

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Leah went on to tell Serena, "Miguel said that Kordell told [Daia] that 'If I go back I want you to know I'm probably still gonna pick Serena.' And then he told her that, 'I'm 90 percent Serena, 10 percent you."

So, it was no surprise when Serena asked Daia about the 90-10 comment she denied Kordell saying it because he never did. It was just a bad case of telephone.

Fans of the show agree that Leah unintentionally shared bad information.

"I have ADHD and I am really bad at remembering the specific words in a conversation, but I am really good at picking up the gist and inferring subtext. I know what was meant, just don’t ask me to repeat it word-for-word," one person wrote on Reddit.

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leah serena love island usa
Source: Peacock

Leah and Serena on 'Love Island USA.'

Another added, "Leah barely listens lmao she'll be in a conversation just thinkin her own thoughts."

Mystery solved.

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