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Source: Lifetime

Did Taylor's Family Lead to Her Divorce from Brandon on 'MAFS'? (EXCLUSIVE)


Season 10 of Lifetime's Married at First Sight made history when couple Brandon Read and Taylor Dunklin announced that they were getting a divorce ahead of the finale. Though many couples from the series ultimately choose to split, the cast usually must wait (per Lifetime's orders) to reveal if they will divorce the stranger they married until the six week checkpoint. Even the couples who got divorced before the end of the six week experiment were not allowed to reveal so until the show aired.

But, it came out that Brandon had filed for an annulment from his wife of just a few months on Jan. 2. Lifetime soon confirmed the news, which arrived just a few days after Brandon and Taylor's meeting/wedding episode aired.  

The report quickly spread, leading many to wonder why Lifetime allowed the couple to reveal their relationship status so early. Now, as the episodes air, we're learning more and more about the many reasons why Taylor and Brandon didn't last.