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Source: Lifetime

Taylor's Mom Tells Brandon She Doesn't Approve on 'Married at First Sight' (EXCLUSIVE)


As any regular viewer of Lifetime's Married at First Sight knows, the premiere aka the wedding episode — when the couples all meet for the first time (and then promptly get married) — is actually, really, the easiest part of the process. After the vows are exchanged, the couples must navigate all of the uncertainties typical in any new marriage, like combining finances, moving to a new place, and dealing with difficult family members — except they do so with someone they hardly know. 

Brandon Read and Taylor Dunklin are one of the matched couples on the Washington D.C.-centered Season 10. While the couple seems promising, given their similar career fields, Taylor's mom isn't totally on board with her daughter's decision to marry a complete stranger. 

In an exclusive clip obtained by Distractify, Taylor's mom tells Brandon about her worries for their marriage. 

Why doesn't Taylor from Married at First Sight's mom approve of Brandon? Read on to find out.