Wait, Has Troye Sivan Actually Been to Jail Before? Unpacking the Singer's Wild Claims

Did Troye Sivan go to jail? Here's what we know about the 26-year-old breakout Australian artist's recent TikTok and current legal situation.

Chris Barilla - Author

Apr. 19 2022, Published 11:59 a.m. ET

If you're a fan of Troye Sivan, then odds are that you're familiar with the 26-year-old Australian singer's constant social media antics. When he isn't wowing nearly 13 million followers on Instagram with selfies and new music releases, Troye seems to have quite a penchant for telling elaborate stories.

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One of the singer's stories that has fans quite confused currently has to do with the time that he alleges that he spent in jail. So, did Troye actually go to jail? Keep reading for all of the known details.

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Did Troye Sivan actually go to jail? He has made a lot of outlandish claims on social media in the past.

If you're looking for the root of the Troye Sivan in jail drama, search no further than the singer's official page. Ever since releasing his song Angel Baby, Troye has been delighting (and confusing) fans with various far-fetched stories about how the hit track came to be. One of the tales he told was that he wrote the lyrics while incarcerated.

"I wrote this song about my time in jail. I never ever thought I would release it and now it’s almost top 50 on Spotify global. Thank you," Troye wrote alongside an April 18, 2022 TikTok about the song. Naturally, this caused many fans to speculate what Troye was talking about.

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"Uh, what do you mean jail, Troye?" Wrote one concerned user in the comments under the aforementioned video.

"Jail? What?" Chimed in another.

Although this may have been a shocking revelation for many who saw the video, it seems as though Troye was just messing with fans, as he has quite a history of doing.

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There are no official police records detailing Troye being arrested available anywhere. Furthermore, when you take into consideration that the star has already attributed the same song's creation to several other larger-than-life circumstances, it becomes clearer that he was fibbing.

Indeed, Troye has said that Angel Baby was the product of a few other wild scenarios. On April 7, 2022, Troy shared a different TikTok video where he said that he "was visited by an angel" as an eight-month-old baby and that inspired him to write the song.

On another occasion, Troye said that the song was created as an homage to his mother who said he cried like an angel as a baby.

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Then, in yet another video, the singer claimed that Angel Baby was inspired by his "husband and our five-year-old son, Alejandro." For the record, there is no indication that Troye is actually married or has a son named Alejandro.

When we consider all of this and more, it's clear that Troye is just a master of getting his fans talking about his music and is willing to say anything to tease his fans and help promote his work. Having openly said in the past that "this song is a lie" in reference to Angel Baby, it's clear that Troye doesn't take his own work too seriously, and you shouldn't either.

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