Woman Receives "Dinner for Two" Prize at Work, Gets One Box of Kraft Mac and Cheese

One company rewarded an employee with "dinner for two," which consisted of a box of macaroni and cheese, two juice boxes, and a granola bar pack.

Kelly Corbett - Author

Sep. 28 2023, Published 3:29 p.m. ET

box of kraft mac and cheese, two juice boxes, one granola bar pack
Source: Reddit / u/LabWizardry

Have you ever gotten a gift or reward at work that was supposed to make you feel valued, but instead it made you feel 10 times worse? Something that may have infuriated you or reminded you that your workplace isn't all that great and that you needed a new job like yesterday.

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Sadly, receiving lousy gifts from your workplace's management isn't uncommon. Take it from this employee who called out their job after they gifted an employee who had perfect attendance for five years, with a $25 gift card to a gas station. Or when this teacher received a COVID-19 test as a holiday present from her school.

Bored young woman office worker sitting at her desk in front of computer laptop
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The good thing about those gifts is that although they are the most depressing presents to ever be given, they are practical. They can be used.

But what this woman received at work is absolutely abominable and feels more like a punishment. To her employer, we must ask: Why would you think a grown adult would enjoy this?

Man shares photo of his what his wife's company passed off as "dinner for two."

It's a lovely feeling to be recognized in the workplace, right? Right.

So when one woman heard her company would be gifting her "dinner for two" for successfully submitting safety occurrence reports, she probably thought that she and her husband would be getting a night out at a fancy restaurant. Little did she know that she would actually be getting a few items that look like they were taken from a child's lunchbox.

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The woman's husband took to the r/mildlyinfuriating community on Reddit on her behalf to share the seemingly lackluster gift she got at work.

"Wife won 'dinner for two' at her workplace as a reward for submitting safety occurrence reports. This is what 'dinner for two' turned out to be," wrote u/LabWizardry alongside a photo of a box of mac and cheese, two juice boxes, and one granola bar.

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In the comment section, people were taken aback by what this workplace claimed was a "dinner for two."

One person wrote, "How insulting." Another piped: "I'd quit."

Then came the jokesters: "Maybe they meant like 'dinner for a 2 year old,'" read one comment. Someone else said: "Whoever is on that committee should be fired and given severance of 2 weeks of mac and cheese."

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reddit comment
Source: reddit
reddit comment
Source: reddit
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One commenter also pointed out that the company couldn't even pitch in for two granola bars. However, as someone else chimed in, there were actually two bars in a pack.

reddit comment
Source: reddit
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Meanwhile, one user had a whole plan outlined for what the OP's wife could do that could result in her actually getting a real dinner for two.

"Your wife should post this, excitedly, to LinkedIn. Tag her CEO and the company and as many higher ups as she can there. Say how honored she is to have won dinner for two, by just saving someone's life," they wrote.

This user then noted that she should praise her workplace and act overly grateful for the "dinner." Assuming the post garners lots of traction, there will likely be some comments from people calling out the company for its sad excuse of a reward.

"I guarantee there will be gift card for a steakhouse on her desk next morning. Make someone else do the hard part," the user claimed.

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