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Source: DisguisedToast

Disguised Toast Moved to Facebook Gaming and the Live Streaming Wars Just Got a Lot More Interesting


Jeremy Wang, aka Disguised Toast is a Canadian live streamer who made his bones streaming Hearthstone videos on YouTube. He's amassed a whopping 1,306,183 followers on Twitch and is one of the platform's standout accounts. Jeremy's a part of Offline TV, which is a "social entertainment group of content creators" — aka streamers and YouTube peeps.

Recently, he announced that he's moving to Facebook Gaming. 

"Hey guys, I am moving platform," he said in a video uploaded to Twitter. "Now, originally we had a production budget for this announcement because every time a streamer moves they have this really cool produced video and here I am standing in a hotel room, filming this..." 

Instead, he donated $20,000 to the Children's Hospital of LA, earning some major brownie points with followers.