Aidan Alexander

Hollywood's next leading man.

Anna Quintana - Author

Nov. 24 2023, Published 12:00 p.m. ET

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Source: Courtesy Aidan Alexander
  • Sure, Aidan Alexander has over a million followers on social media, but he's not a content creator. The Gen Z star is an actor, model, and singer — a triple threat and quite possibly Hollywood's next leading man.

    Aidan has appeared in several hit TV shows such as Tell Me Lies and Judd Apatow's Love. Plus, he has new music in the works. In a chat with Distractify, Aidan shared some fun facts including his first concert, his top three desert island essentials, and his dream collaboration.

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    If you had to get a tattoo right now, what would it be?

    AA: Probably something Western themed. I feel like as I get older the sun bleached Wild West aesthetic gets more satisfying to me.

    What is your most-used emoji?

    AA: Probably the crying one. 😭

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    aidan alexander instagram
    Source: Instagram

    Tell us about the best fan interaction you've ever had:

    AA: Any interaction where you get to talk to a stranger and share a moment you didn’t expect. I hate sappiness and sentimentality but there’s something special in two people sharing a second and then never seeing eachother again.

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    What is your favorite TV show?

    AA: I loved Ozark. Sex and the City. Haven’t started the reboot yet. I also love COPS. And Kitchen Nightmares.

    What was the first concert you went to?

    AA: The Jonas Brothers, Knitting Factory; but I only went because Aly and AJ were opening. They were amazing. I saw them recently do a private show and it was even better. Love them.

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    What's your favorite color?

    AA: Beige. That always makes people think I’m kidding but really, I think it’s calming and goes with everything. Like Kim Kardashian's bathroom sinks? Great beige.

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    Shout out one of your favorite fellow creators:

    AA: My friend Ashley St. Peter makes the cutest little TikToks and she’s so underrated. Definitely her.

    What's your go-to karaoke song?

    AA: Something from Grease? I’d try to pick something that the most possible people know.

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    Tell us about the best meal you have ever had:

    AA: Any sushi. But also I had homemade pasta in a really small town in Italy called Foggia, it was great.

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    Tell us about your dream collaboration:

    AA: I have a lot. I look up to a lot of people. In terms of fashion; my favorite house brand has always been Chanel. I’d love to work with David Fincher, and Christopher Nolan, of course. Acting with Meryl Streep has always been bucket list tier too.

    Share your top three desert island necessities.

    AA: A jet. A pilot to charter that jet. And fuel.

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    aidan alexander actor
    Source: Courtesy Aidan Alexander

    If you couldn't be a content creator, what would your dream job be?

    AA: I don’t create content, really. Like I’m terrible at posting. I act, I make music. I’d love it if you listened!

    What is your No. 1 distraction?

    AA: Pokémon Go. It was embarrassing at first and then I realized things are only embarrassing if you let them be. So now I think it’s cool. I like that it makes me walk around. I’ll never do cardio otherwise.

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