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Financial activist.

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May 6 2024, Published 3:51 p.m. ET

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Dasha Kennedy, the founder of @thebrokeblackgirl on social media, is known for her competent and culturally relevant financial advice.

The content creator and proud mom is also a National Debt Relief Financial Wellness Board member, advocating financial education's importance.

"It’s not just about addressing debt but encouraging a holistic approach to financial health, as well as empowering individuals with the knowledge and tools they need to transform their financial situations dollar by dollar," she told Distractify exclusively, before sharing a few more fun facts!

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What is your most-used emoji?

DK: 😳 — It perfectly represents the whirlwinds of life, which always finds a way to keep me on my toes.

What is your favorite TV show?

DK: It's a tough call between Queen Sugar, The Vampire Diaries, and Scandal. Each one has its own special place in my heart and on my TV schedule.

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What's your go-to karaoke song?

DK: “Country Grammar” by Nelly — no contest! It brings out the St. Louis in me every single time.

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What was the first concert you went to?

DK: My first concert was Ginuwine in the '90s, and it's a memory I cherish deeply. It was an incredible experience that introduced me to the power of live music and the energy from the crowd of fans.

Tell us about the best meal you have ever had.

DK: It has to be the homemade hamburger and fries made by my momma. It may sound simple, but it's packed with nostalgia. Every bite takes me back to our old apartment, being a kid without a care in the world, and the pure joy and comforting presence of family.

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Share your top three desert island necessities.

DK: It’s definitely sunscreen, a fire starter, and a trunk filled with books. And, yes, one of those books better be about surviving on a desert island. Gotta stay prepared and entertained.

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Tell us about the best fan interaction you’ve ever had.

DK: I wouldn’t necessarily call this a fan interaction, because I consider my audience to be members of my community – more like family, really. It all started when a member of my online community and I were working to help another member, but as we talked more, we realized how much we had in common. What began as a few hours on the phone discussing personal finance blossomed into an amazing friendship.

Fast-forward from 2018, and the unexpected happened. We went from being 600 miles apart to becoming neighbors and, together, we’ve made major changes in our personal and professional lives! It’s fascinating how a bond formed in a Facebook group can lead to such a significant life change and friendship.

What is the best financial advice you’ve ever received?

DK: The best financial advice— or maybe it was more of a warning — was, “Stop pocket-watching other people." It's something my grandma used to say; it has stuck with me. At first, I didn’t know if it was meant as advice or a gentle nudge to mind my own business, but since then, it's been golden.

This piece of wisdom has helped me concentrate on my own financial journey and has kept me away from the weight of societal expectations about money. By focusing on my own pocket, I’ve been able to make choices that suit me and my goals, move at my own pace, and not get caught up in what everyone else is doing.

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What is a guilty pleasure you don't feel bad spending money on?

DK: Without a doubt, I don’t mind paying for subscriptions to streaming services to avoid ads. As a self-proclaimed film and TV enthusiast, interruptions are my nemesis. The ability to watch a story unfold without the abrupt stop for ads? Priceless. Sign me up! Life's too short for commercials!

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What is your favorite money/budget trend you have seen on social media?

DK: My favorite trend I’ve seen are savings challenges, hands down. They're a fun and engaging way to build a saving habit. What I love about savings challenges is how they turn the task of saving money into a community-driven [project] where almost anyone can participate, especially in the penny and dollar challenges.

Social media users share their progress and tips to save, and even develop healthy competition with each other, making the act of saving feel less like a chore and more like a shared journey. It’s a powerful way to visualize how small, consistent efforts can lead to substantial results — creating a sense of accomplishment and financial responsibility.

What is your hot take when it comes to personal finance?

DK: You know, I really lean into the idea of prioritizing financial flexibility over just chasing financial freedom. Here's the thing — life's thrown us curveballs, especially these past five years. Even the best-laid plans aren't immune to life's surprises. So being able to adapt financially means not being stuck on just one version of success or freedom.

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What is your No. 1 distraction?

DK: My son is at the forefront of my mind these days. As a proud mom watching her 15-year-old excel academically and athletically, I can't help but think about the next big step in his life: college. It's more than just pride; it's a bittersweet realization that he's growing up and about to go on a personal journey.

I find myself constantly thinking about whether we've had enough conversations about the important stuff — life skills, managing finances, handling stress, and staying true to himself in a world that's always trying to push people in different directions.

It's a mix of excitement for what's ahead for him and a maternal instinct to make sure he's as prepared as can be for whatever comes his way. So, I guess you could say my distraction is also my motivation: making sure my son steps into the future ready for anything.

To learn more about the Financial Wellness Board, visit here.

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