Will Season 4 Be the Season Where Macgyver and Riley Finally Get Together?

Jacqueline Gualtieri - Author

Apr. 2 2021, Updated 11:13 a.m. ET

Every show has a favorite will-they-won't-they couple. From Cheers' Sam and Diane to New Girl's Nick and Jess, there's always at least one pair that cause fans to sit through seasons, tearing their hair out, wondering how they can't possibly see how perfect they are for each other. For Macgyver, it's the show's own title character, Angus "Mac" Macgyver (Lucas Till), and hacker extraordinaire Riley Davis (Tristin Mays).

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With Season 4 having started up, those fans who have been following their lives from the beginning want to know: Is this the season where Macgyver and Riley finally get together? It's not looking promising...or is it? Light spoilers for Macgyver Season 4 Episode 5.

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Do Macgyver and Riley finally get together on 'Macgyver'? Not yet, at least.

When some fans heard that Levy Tran would be joining the cast of the CBS series as Desiree "Desi" Nguyen, a new recruit for the Phoenix Foundation who takes over for Jack (after he leaves George Eads), they had some mixed feelings. Especially when it was confirmed that Mac and Desi had a bit of a fling.

When Season 4 started up, there was a little relief for #MacRiley fans. They were broken up and the fling hadn't worked out. There was an anger between them, although it was the kind of anger that leads one to ask, "Do they actually hate each other or are they just trying to hide how in love they are?"

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MacRiley's future didn't only hit a speed bump thanks to Desi, though. It was also revealed that Riley is in a relationship, although with whom, we're still not sure.

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In Season 4 Episode 4, Mac finally found out about that tidbit of news, but, if you were hoping that he would show up in the rain outside Riley's door holding up a boombox, we're sorry to tell you that this is not a John Hughes movie. Even though the original Macgyver did air in the '80s too. Although Mac did seem disappointed, he didn't do anything about it.

MacRiley fans are both angry and psyched about Episode 5's relationship problems.

In an undercover mission in Season 4 Episode 5, fans of the couple were teased with the prospect of them getting together when they appeared as a married couple during the mission. However, later in the episode Mac kissed Desi...with Riley right there. And let's just say fans were not here for it. And neither was Riley by the way, who seemed hurt from having to watch it go down.

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Unfortunately, with the news of the latest episode, it appears this season, the writers may be focusing in on Mac and Desi's love/hate relationship. But here's hoping that Mac realizes he did Riley dirty and comes to his senses by the time Season 5 rolls around, if we get a Season 5.

New episodes of Macgyver air on CBS on Fridays at 8 p.m.

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