'Aggretsuko' Season 4: Will Retsuko Marry Haida, or Will She Keep Him in the Friend Zone?

Allison DeGrushe - Author

Nov. 9 2021, Published 2:39 p.m. ET

Retsuko and Haida in Season 3 of 'Aggretsuko'
Source: Netflix

After the dark and twisted storyline the Netflix popular anime series Aggretsuko presented toward the end of the third season, fans are more than ready to see our darling red panda, Retsuko, go back to her metalhead origins. With the release of the official Season 4 trailer, it seems we'll be getting way more than that.

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The series has always explored Retsuko's complicated and barely-there love life, but it seems to be the main focus of this next season. Season 3 seemingly confirmed the end of Haida pursuing Retusko romantically, but we don't think that's the case. The brand new trailer shows a brief image of the two tying the knot — do Retsuko and Haida get married?

Retsuko and Haida in the 'Aggretsuko' holiday special
Source: Netflix
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Do Retsuko and Haida get married in Season 4 of 'Aggretsuko'?

As Michael Scott once said in the "Stress Relief" episode of The Office, "Oh my God! OK, it's happening. Everybody stay calm. Stay [bleep] calm! Everyone, now [bleep] calm down!"

We know — this is HUGE. Since the debut of the Season 4 trailer, it's all anyone can speak about. As we said earlier, one of the first shots in the trailer is of Retsuko and Haida standing at the altar together.

Retsuko is wearing a stunning and traditional sleeveless wedding gown, with a short veil and long bridal gloves. As for Haida, he's sporting what looks to be a gray tuxedo. Pinch us; is this really happening?

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Retsuko and Haida look to be getting married in Season 4 of 'Aggretsuko'
Source: Netflix

After the Aggretsuko official Twitter account shared the two-minute teaser, one of the first replies from user @marumemore was a screenshot of Retsuko and Haida at their wedding. While others, including us, are hoping for the marriage sequence to be real-life, many believe otherwise.

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"100 percent a dream sequence," one person replied. Another said, "I bet this is Haida dumba-- fantasy sequence." Another user wrote, "If this is someone's fantasy ... I kinda hope it's Retsuko's (judging by her blush towards Haida). But, it could also most likely be Haida's, but we'll see, I guess."

Source: Twitter
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As for the more optimistic side of the Aggretsuko fandom, one supporter wrote, "Please let this happen! I've been on his [Haida] side since the beginning, please, I'm begging." A different follower declared the wedding would make for a great ending to the season (so true!).

Season 4 of 'Aggretsuko' is right around the corner.

Along with the trailer came the official release date. Are you ready? We hope so because Season 4 of Aggretsuko debuts worldwide on Netflix on Thursday, Dec. 16.

The season will follow Haida as he does all he can in his power to change his friendship with Retsuko to something more romantic. Is he going to succeed, or is he stuck in the friend zone forever?

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Retsuko and Haida in 'Aggretsuko' Season 3
Source: Netflix

There will be tons of obstacles in his way throughout the season, but hopefully, he ends up stronger than ever before. #TeamHaida forever!

Catch up on the first three seasons of Aggretsuko now only on Netflix.

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