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Source: Getty

In 'The Godfather,' Al Pacino Spoke Perfect Italian — Can He Do the Same in Real Life?


Al Pacino has demonstrated exceptional language skills on many occasions. In The Godfather, we watched a fresh-faced Michael Corleone attend a frosty meeting with Virgil Sollozzo (Al Lettieri) and do his best to defend his family's interests — in Italian. 

The Godfather Part Two treated us to a similar scene. This time, Michael gave a much-deserved tongue-lashing to Frank Pentangeli — in Sicilian dialect, no less.

This led many to wonder: Does Al Pacino speak Italian? 

So, what's the truth? Does Al Pacino speak Italian? 

Although Al amused viewers with his rapid-fire telling-offs and vehement quarreling that can make or break a gangster movie, it's uncertain whether he would be able to speak the Italian language fluently outside of pre-scripted scenes. 

While the actor has a mean Sicilian dialect to boast ⁠— and the ruthless facial expressions to match it up with ⁠— he hardly ever chooses to speak the language in real life.