'OutDaughtered': Could a Nanny Be the Key to Keeping up With the Busby Family Chaos?

With the monumental task of raising six young daughters, it's only logical that the 'OutDaughtered' Busby family would enlist the help of a nanny.

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Jun. 18 2024, Published 3:50 p.m. ET

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Parenthood is indeed a wonderful journey, but let's be honest — it's also an undeniably challenging one. This sentiment holds true regardless of how many children you decide to raise. However, consider OutDaughtered stars Adam and Danielle Busby, who manage the impressive feat of parenting six kids, including their quintuplet daughters.

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It's hard to fathom handling such a large family, and it's clear that Adam and Danielle Busby's days are packed to the brim. Balancing their everyday jobs with raising a half-dozen kiddos must keep them constantly on their toes — literally!

Given these circumstances, it's no surprise that fans are dying to know: Does the Busby family get a helping hand from a nanny? Here's what we know.

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'OutDaughtered': Does the Busby family have a nanny?

So, it would make total sense for the Busby family to enlist the help of a nanny — and they do! In early July 2018, Danielle disclosed to USA Today that she and Adam rely on multiple additional hands to help with their six daughters.

"We have two to three babysitters that are our top," she told the outlet. "And if neither of them can make it, we'd probably get two people at a time. But we still are very nice to our babysitters and usually try to leave once they go to bed..."

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However, the family has faced criticism for this decision. Following the Season 3 finale of OutDaughtered, many fans felt misled after reports from Entertainment Daily via In Touch Weekly. These reports revealed that despite claiming to manage their household entirely on their own, the Busby couple does have a nanny.

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Many eagle-eyed viewers claimed the nanny is seen on camera multiple times, but she's referred to as a "close family friend." On a messageboard titled DC Urban Moms & Dads per In Touch Weekly, one former fan wrote, "I used to watch. Had to stop when I found out they have a nanny, who they don’t want to announce on the show. All because it will show they aren't doing it alone."

Another commenter, claiming insider knowledge, shared, "I know the nanny. She works full time (40 hours or more) and both TLC and the parents agreed to not show the nanny because it 'shows' they aren't doing it alone."

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Nevertheless, some fans are not ready to criticize the Busbys. A third person added, "I'm in a nanny group on Facebook, and the old nanny and new nanny are both in the group and that's not true at all. Their old nanny was [shown] a few times last season but was just labeled as a 'babysitter.'"

Additionally, if the Busby parents have trouble securing a babysitter, they don't hesitate to ask their family members for a little help! In fact, OutDaughtered fans often see Danielle's sisters and mom taking care of the girls, whether it's while Danielle and Adam are at work or simply enjoying a night out together.

Catch new episodes of OutDaughtered on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EST on TLC.

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