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Source: Instagram

'Big Brother' Contestant Christie Murphy Always Swears on Her Sister — But Does She Actually Have One?


Big Brother contestant Christie Murphy is arguably one of the most popular contestants on this season of the hit reality show. That said, fans of the CBS series are dying to know more about the power player. 

And since she always swears on her sister when making promises and deals with her fellow houseguests, fans are curious: Does Christie Murphy actually have a sister? Scroll down for everything we know!

Does Christie Murphy have a sister?

Distractify did a little digging into Christie's life outside the Big Brother house, and learned that she may, in fact, have a sister. We creeped on Christie's mostly private Facebook page (some photos are available!) and figured out her mom's Facebook name is Janice JJ.

Aside from Janice giving Christie shout-outs on her Facebook, we also saw a post mentioning another daughter of hers named Alyssa.