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Source: Instagram

Who Is "Sis" on 'Big Brother'? Inside the One Houseguest Nickname Everyone Missed


Season 21 of Big Brother has, arguably, been one of the best yet. The reason? The entertaining cast of course! This summer's lineup of 16 houseguests has been one of the most entertaining groups yet, but even though it's already been one month (how?!) since this year's premiere, we're still getting to know the cast. 

That said, fans are curious: Who is "Sis" on Big Brother? Scroll down to find out!

Who is "Sis" on Big Brother?

Every season of Big Brother, the different members of the cast take on different nicknames. This season, however, fans are curious who "Sis" is. The answer? Analyse Talavera! 

So, how did she get this nickname? As it turns out, "Sis" is a nickname she's held long before her days in the Big Brother house. According to Reddit users, when Analyse introduced herself at the beginning of the season, she said her name was Analyse, "but my friends call me Sis."