Miguel and Emily's Relationship Will Never Be the Same Again in 'Mayans M.C.'

After Miguel drowns Emily in the bath, fans wonder if Emily will make it out alive. Here's what to know.

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May 11 2021, Published 11:34 p.m. ET

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Tonight's the season finale of Mayans M.C., and it's definitely pulling all the stops. The synopsis for the episode, titled "Chapter the Last, Nothing More to Write," reads, "Bishop pulls the trigger on his plan to become the sole king." So, yeah, were you surprised by how explosive the finale was? 

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Here's where we were at before the finale: After Coco's addiction to heroin leads to a terrible spiral that almost kills him (and gets him kicked out of the club), he heads back to Meth Mountain to try and save Hope. Taza's identity struggle as being bisexual is out in the open, and unfortunately, the news was not taken very well (as in, he could be punished for his sexuality). And then there's Bishop, who voted for a civil war of sorts, thanks to EZ's influence. 

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And then there's Bishop's cousin Marcus, who is totally making matters worse with Miguel, who is mourning the loss of his mom, Dita. There's been a lot of violence, betrayal, and death this season. And if you were nervous going into the finale, you had every right to be. Fans have one major question going into it: Does Emily die? 

Does Emily die in 'Mayans M.C.'?

Emily nearly dies in Mayans M.C., but she makes it out alive — just barely. In the aptly titled episode, "The House of Death Floats By," Miguel draws her a bath and pours her some wine (along with some crushed medication). After consuming the wine, Emily loses control of her body, and Miguel easily drowns her in the bath. However, Miguel has a change of heart and pulls her out of the tub. She throws up all the water she swallowed, and is ultimately OK. But their relationship isn't.

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emily bathtub
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So, why exactly did Miguel almost murder his wife? Well, Miguel calls Marcus is for a meeting, where it's revealed that Dita was maybe murdered by the Reyes family and Emily. See, Miguel learned from the Medical Examiner's Office that Dita died from being strangled, not from immolation. So he went to his housekeeper, Maria, who said Dita thought she'd be killed by the Reyes family and Emily. But was she?

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No, she wasn't! Dita was murdered by EZ Reyes...because she asked him to. And Angel and Felipe Reyes knew about it. They covered up the murder the best they could, trying to make it look like a suicide and burning her body so it would be hard to figure out. 

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So what now? Well, things aren't looking up for Emily and Miguel's relationship, but Emily is alive and the actress who plays her (Sarah Bolger) is still on the show. "Tonight’s episode is spectacular. It’s going to blow you away. Thank the heavens we have a 4th season, because tonight’s episode will make you want even more episodes. I’m in Europe. But I’m going to try wake up super early to join in live tweeting," Sarah tweeted earlier.

Stay tuned for news about Season 4 of Mayans M.C. 

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