Mizkif's Weight Loss Has Led People to Believe He's on Steroids — What the Streamer Has to Say

Callie (Carlos) Cadorniga - Author

Jan. 10 2023, Published 4:14 p.m. ET

When it comes to Twitch streamers, infamy seems to follow them at several points throughout their careers. As soon people catch wind of past controversies or even recent problematic events, they find themselves under scrutiny and criticism that can be difficult to shake under the best of circumstances.

Mizkif is one such Twitch streamer. Though he maintains a substantial fanbase of over two million Twitch followers, he remains at the center of controversy.

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Throughout late 2022, Mizkif was under an internal investigation conducted within the content creator group OTK after he allegedly covered up sexual assault allegations against his fellow streamer, CrazySlick. During this time, he staged an infamous comeback stream that was widely criticized for being a disingenuous apology during a time of crisis.

At the beginning of 2023, he was placed under "monitored probation" and suspended from OTK.

Now, Mizkif is being accused of using steroids.

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Does Mizkif use steroids? Here's what we know about his fitness journey.

Aside from gaming, life updates, and reaction videos, Mizkif typically posts streams and videos about his recent fitness journey. Starting in July 2022, he began posting regularly about his experience exercising at Camp Knut, a 30-day training camp where popular streamers attempt to get into shape by following the eponymous Norwegian instructor's strict fitness regimen. In a tweet, Mizkif expressed how much being a part of the program changed his life.

Mizkif tweeted, "Camp Knut is the best thing that has ever happened to me. For the past year, I've been stressed out of my mind all day and I felt myself drifting from my old self. Knut saved me and I'm so proud of [my friends and the community] getting involved and using Twitch for positivity."

Outside of Camp Knut, Mizkif has also exercised "on and off" for the past 12 years.

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While a fitness journey for anyone can be an inspiring story for others, some have recently expressed their doubts about the legitimacy of Mizkif's weight loss.

In a recent stream, Mizkif began addressing rumors that he uses steroids for his workouts. People on platforms like Reddit have expressed their doubts about how Mizkif lost his weight and have questioned whether or not he's on steroids. According to the streamer, some people have even taken to calling him "Roidkif."

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Mizkif spoke out directly against the allegations, stating that they're completely false.

"No, I am not on 'roids," Mizkif claims in his stream. He goes on to say, "How about you say that I've been lifting for 12 years? Where's that?"

As a matter of fact, Mizkif is looking to enhance his gym-going experience in a different way.

In another stream, Mizkif revealed his plans to open up his own gym where Twitch users can sign up using their own Twitch memberships. He plans to partner up with the head trainer at Camp Knut in order to organize the new facility.

"I am going to try and make it very good for Twitch chat," Mizkif declared. "My goal would be for [fans] to be able to go there even for a day."

More details on Mizkif's gym will likely be revealed in the future.

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