The Drama Around CrazySlick Keeps Ramping up — Is the Streamer Missing Now?

Callie (Carlos) Cadorniga - Author

Sep. 20 2022, Published 2:25 p.m. ET

Content warning: This article contains allegations of sexual violence and misconduct.

With the level of stardom that Twitch streamers can drum up these days, it should come as no surprise that many of them eventually become the center of controversy. Even among the enviable profession of being able to play video games in front of an audience for money, streamers aren't immune to the kind of trouble that other celebrities and influencers can get into. Case in point, CrazySlick on Twitch.

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CrazySlick is a popular streamer on Twitch with well over 78,000 followers. Though he's streamed known games like Minecraft and Kena: Bridge of Spirits, he has also streamed casual content in which he watches YouTube videos or classic cartoons like Ben 10. While he's garnered quite a following on Twitch, recent allegations against may have forced him away from his usual channels. His sudden social media blackout have led many to ask whether or not CrazySlick has gone missing.

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Is CrazySlick missing? His social media is getting scrubbed.

Allegations about CrazySlick's misconduct emerged back in July 2021. In a lengthy Twitter post, female Twitch streamer Adrianah Lee cited a January 2020 incident in which CrazySlick reportedly attempted to kiss her multiple times during a birthday party. According to Adrianah, CrazySlick made unsolicited physical contact at the event.

"To be clear," she wrote, "he did not rape me or assault me, but his actions did make me uncomfortable."

CrazySlick has since responded to the allegations. In a deleted Tweet reported by Sportskeeda, he wrote: "I have never sexually assaulted anyone and never will. I have never had any intentions of ever harming anyone. I go out of my way to check on someone and I get accused of [sexual assault]. This is unfair [and] I will be getting a lawyer ASAP."

Close friends of CrazySlick and fellow Twitch streamers Mizkif and Maya have also been accused of covering up sexual assault.

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Though CrazySlick expressed his intentions to fight these allegations, he has since gone missing. According to Dexterto, Mizkif stated that Slick sent farewell messages to his friends. Reportedly, Slick told Mizkif that he was "going to a girl's house," but did not disclose any substantial information about his whereabouts.

More troubling still is his decreasing social media presence. As of writing, Slick's Twitter and Instagram have both been deactivated.

As the drama continues to escalate around CrazySlick and his close friends, none of this is helped by the fact that the streamer has gone completely missing. Since the initial accusations, streamers have been throwing accusations left and right all while fans are taking firm stances against Slick on Reddit.

As of this writing, there have been no new reports on CrazySlick's whereabouts.

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