Morgan and Grace Will Battle a Nuclear Wasteland in ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Season 7

Does Morgan die in ‘Fear the Walking Dead’? Here’s what we know about how the Lennie James character will fare in the AMC series’ seventh season.


Sep. 5 2021, Published 11:19 a.m. ET

Despite all odds, Morgan didn’t die in the six seasons of Fear the Walking Dead that have aired so far. And a preview for the upcoming seventh season shows that the Lennie James character is still alive when the AMC show returns on Sunday, Oct. 17 (or Sunday, Oct. 10 for AMC+ subscribers).

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But Morgan will face a radically different world in Season 7, since doomsday cult leader Teddy (John Glover) set off nuclear warheads across Texas at the end of Season 6, turning the Lone Star State into a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

“Those warheads are going to land somewhere, and they’re going to have an effect, and we have to figure out how we deal with that effect,” Lennie teased in a TV Insider interview last month.

Morgan has no choice “but to invest in hope and some kind of future,” Lennie James says.

In the Season 6 finale, after Morgan and fellow survivor Grace (Karen David) realize they can’t stop Teddy’s missile, they confess their feelings for one another. And they prepare to end their lives rather than face the fallout of a nuclear apocalypse. But then they hear the wail of a baby, and they find Rachel’s daughter — also named Morgan — just before a warhead detonates nearby. Morgan and Grace take cover with the infant Morgan, and the trio survives the blast.

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And in a first look from Season 7, Morgan and Grace are living aboard the USS Pennsylvania submarine, trying to care for the tot.

“Before [they] heard the baby crying, Grace and Morgan were ready to not face the aftereffects of the bomb,” Lennie told TV Insider. “As far as Morgan’s concerned, I don’t think he feels he has any other choice but to invest in hope and some kind of future.”

The characters will be “struggling to survive in this new world,” says co-showrunner Ian Goldberg.

In an interview with TWDUniverse on Twitch, Fear the Walking Dead co-showrunner Ian Goldberg previewed Season 7, saying that “the landscape has now changed” for the show’s heroes.

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“We have multiple nuclear warheads that have detonated, so that’s gonna change everything,” Ian added, per “That’s gonna change the walkers, that’s gonna change the living conditions, that’s gonna change everything about how our characters navigate this world. Just when they got a handle on how to deal with the apocalypse, now we have another apocalypse on top of the one they’ve been living in.”

He went on: “We’re telling these really concentrated two- or three-character stories that have true beginning, middles, and ends. You saw at the end of Season 6, the characters are all scattered in different locations and different pairings. … I think it’s not a spoiler to say that people are scattered to the four corners, and they’re going to be struggling to survive in this new world, and finding each other might just be a small part of how they’re gonna navigate that.”

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