'Fear the Walking Dead' Fans Aren't Ready to Say Goodbye to Another Zombie Show

Now that 'The Walking Dead' is wrapping up with another season, fans are worried it means 'Fear the Walking Dead' is ending. What we know.

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Apr. 29 2021, Updated 10:01 a.m. ET

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On TV, all good things must come to an end. Even if that means getting rid of AMC's arguably most successful show, The Walking Dead. Because the show is ending, fans of the franchise are understandably concerned it means Fear the Walking Dead is also on its way out. Luckily, there is plenty more in store for the franchise as a whole and, you have to hope, it also means there's a long future ahead for Fear the Walking Dead

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When it was announced that The Walking Dead Season 11, after the final episodes of Season 10 air, will be the show's last, fans were heartbroken. This was a show that seemed like it could last forever and, at times, felt like it was dragging on that way. But Season 9 breathed new life into it and Season 10 was a wild ride from the start. Hopefully, Fear the Walking Dead can mirror its monumental success.

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Source: AMC
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Is 'Fear the Walking Dead' ending?

The bad news is that Fear the Walking Dead has not yet been renewed for Season 7, which would premiere in 2021 sometime. The good news, however, is that when it was renewed for Season 6, which premieres on Oct. 11, 2020, there was no hint that it was renewed for a final season. This means that, even though The Walking Dead is coming to an end soon, there have been no announcements about Fear the Walking Dead following suit.

Fear the Walking Dead chief content officer Scott M. Gimple spoke to Entertainment Weekly about giving the series an eventual time jump and seemed to confirm more seasons ahead.

"That is something we’re playing around with for the future, and time is actually going to be played around with on this season of Fear the Walking Dead," he said. "Yeah, who knows? I would love to get to be like Crisis on Infinite Earths. That would be super cool, but that’s way down the line."

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There's another 'Walking Dead' spinoff on the way.

Fear the Walking Dead might be the biggest Walking Dead spinoff so far, but it’s not the only one in the universe of The Walking Dead anymore. Even though fans will soon lose The Walking Dead, there's still the limited series The Walking Dead: World Beyond, which will follow a group of the first generation of post-apocalyptic kids who don't remember much of the *before* time.

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And once The Walking Dead ends, it will give way to the direct spinoff about Carol and Daryl. No word yet on if the title will be their names, which rhyme in a way that would mean a perfect sitcom for the two of them. But it will follow their adventures after the events of The Walking Dead. Who knows — they could eventually find themselves meeting up with Alicia and the gang from Fear the Walking Dead.

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And there are still going to be 'The Walking Dead' movies.

If you aren't ready to say goodbye to The Walking Dead, not only is there more Fear the Walking Dead on its way, but there are also The Walking Dead movies to look forward to. And, as of right now, the plan is still to release them in movie theaters. The movies, of which Rick Grimes will remain the focus, are slated to see a theatrical release despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

It's unclear when they will be released in theaters, given numerous nationwide movie theater shutdowns still in place in the United States, but when it’s safe to do so, the plan is for AMC to release a trilogy of movies in theaters as opposed to on TV. Until then, you can savor the last few episodes of The Walking Dead Season 10 and eventually, its two-part Season 11, as well as Fear the Walking Dead Season 6.

Fear the Walking Dead Season 6 premieres on Oct. 11, 2020 at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

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