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Source: Showtime

Steve Has Been MIA From 'Shameless' Since Season 5, but Could He Return?


Fans of the hit TV show Shameless were crushed when Justin Chatwin’s Steve Wilton (aka Jimmy Lishman) didn’t return for Emmy Rossum’s final episode as Fiona Gallagher in March.

The two characters had an extremely complicated and often toxic relationship, but viewers were still disappointed to hear that Justin was leaving the series for good in 2015. Now that Fiona is gone from the Showtime dramedy, does that mean we’ve officially seen the last of Steve? 

Does Steve come back in Shameless?

As far as we know, Steve will not be making an appearance on Season 10 of Shameless. To be fair, the writers already crafted a pretty dramatic return for the character, which ended with him leaving again after just three more episodes.