Don't Worry, [SPOILER] Probably Won't Die After Running Into a Burning Building in 'Station 19'

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May 27 2021, Published 8:24 p.m. ET

Vic in Station 19
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Tonight, the stakes are especially high on Station 19, as Victoria Hughes makes a noble (but incredibly dangerous) effort to save her parents from their burning restaurant. As trailers tend to do, the one for Episode 15, "Say Her Name" makes viewers think that Vic runs into the building just as it gets blown to smithereens. Does Vic die? Can we Station 19 fans handle any more death? Here's what to know before you spiral.

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Does Vic die in 'Station 19'?

Vic likely doesn't die in Season 4 of Station 19. Or at least, in "Say Her Name." The synopsis for the episode spoils that she does, in fact, make out alive (and so do her parents): "When Vic helps her parents through a devastating loss, they have a long overdue conversation about the anguish of being Black in America." Vic arrives to the scene with her best friend Travis Montgomery, and her former romantic interest Theo Ruiz is also there.

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Even though Vic will likely not die in this episode, we're bound to get emotional nonetheless. "I love vic, and also the fact that with that trailer i just know that I will be crying during the whole episode," one fan tweeted.

One person noted that they would be very displeased if something bad happens to Vic. "By the way, if something happens to Vic or ANY of them next week, I WILL RIOT!! I DON'T LIKE THE NAMES OF THE LAST EPISODES," they tweeted.

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There's been a lot going on with Vic, so it would be a bizarre move to kill off her character. Two episodes ago, Vic and Dean come really, really close to endgame. Dean gets rescued from the ocean after he falls overboard from a cruise ship, and afterward, Vic lets him know she feels the same way that he feels about her. Talk about heartwarming! We don't really know what a Vic and Dean world looks like, since the last episode was all about Maya and Carina's proposal, as well as Ben's surgery.

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So when we learned this episode would be all about Vic saving her parents from a burning fire, we felt a little stressed out. What about Vic and Dean? Can't Vic just have nice things? While it would be stereotypically dramatic for Station 19 to kill Vic right after she finds true love, we just don't see that happening. We can't handle any more heartbreak this season!

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While actress Barrett Doss wouldn't be able to say much of anything if she were getting killed off, we still find it comforting that Barrett hasn't hinted to her departure at all. According to IMDb, she isn't working on any new projects, which is promising. And! Barrett tweeted, "Hahaaaaa you ain’t seen nothin yet," when someone tweeted, "Sorry but Hughes is a moody b*tch #station19."

Doesn't that mean that Vic has plenty more storyline to go? While we'll find out for sure during tonight's episode of "Say Her Name," we have a feeling that Vic will be with us for the long haul.

Watch new episodes of Station 19 every Thursday at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.

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