Dolly Parton's Strawberry Pretzel Pie Ice Cream Targeted by "Dairy Scalpers"

Dolly Parton's new ice cream flavor is in such high demand that "dairy scalpers" are trying to sell pints of it so exorbitant amounts on eBay.

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Apr. 14 2021, Published 3:21 p.m. ET

Dolly Parton's New Ice Cream Flavor's Selling for $1,000 a Pint Online
Source: Instagram

If something suddenly becomes rare, you can rest assured that there's going to be a bunch of people trying to make a quick buck off of it. Remember when Beanie Babies were all the rage? Yes, some of them were even valued at $550,000 a pop! But if you check eBay now, well, they're not worth as much.

It seems like the same surge in artificially pumped-up valuations have occurred with Dolly Parton's new ice cream flavor.

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Dolly Parton's Strawberry Pretzel Pie ice cream flavor benefits her Imagination Library.

The charity established by the Country Music icon is dedicated to combating illiteracy across America and she launched the organization in memory of her father, who couldn't read. 

Since November of 2018, the Imagination Library has gifted over 112,000,000 books and counting. Part of the charity's success comes from the tireless efforts of everyone involved and willingness to expand its operations.

Since 1990, the Imagination Library has expanded outside of the United States to Canada, Australia, the Republic of Ireland, and the United Kingdom.

To help garner even more support for the charity that has helped so many children all over the world learn to read and instill a love for education from a young age, Dolly Parton partnered with Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams to create a custom flavor: Strawberry Pretzel Pie.

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dolly parton ice cream flavor
Source: Imagination Library

Only 10,000 pints of the limited-edition flavor would be produced, which sent folks into a buying frenzy. People flocked to Jeni's website, which was overloaded with demand for the Dolly Parton branded dairy dessert. When people couldn't get their hands on the ice cream, treat scalpers began heading to eBay in an attempt to make a ton of money off of their luck of the draw.

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That's right, some people were trying to sell a pint of Strawberry Pretzel Pie ice cream for a whopping $1,000 on eBay. However, it doesn't look like anyone bit at that price. There were several other pints listed on the online auction site for $35 a pop. 

Those weren't moving too much either, but it did seem like a few people nabbed those. I guess they just couldn't wait to try the flavor.

dolly parton ice cream flavor
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Jeni's was disheartened by the response and assured consumers that the ice cream wasn't sold out and that they were just experiencing some technical difficulties on their website.

The ice cream brand let people know that there were indeed more of Dolly's special batches available online and in their stores.

Tons of folks flocked online and in-person to get scoops and pints of the flavors and true to their word, once all 10,000 pints were depleted, Jeni's stopped offering the Strawberry Pretzel Pie flavor nationwide.

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A portion of the proceeds are all headed to Dolly's Imagination Library, which could be a big reason why fans were lining up in droves in order to purchase the new flavor.

The flavor is based off of a traditional Southern Dish: Strawberry Pretzel Salad. But don't let the "salad" name full you: this is a dessert through and through.

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The name was probably changed to "Pie" to more accurately describe what the dish is, and because it just sounds that much more appetizing. If you want to know how to make the OG recipe on which the ice cream is based on, you can head here.

But how does it taste? Well, reviewers seem to think it's absolutely fantastic.

MrCheezyPop on YouTube praised Jeni's ability for talking "unconventional" flavor combinations and somehow making them work. In the case of Dolly Parton's new ice cream flavor, it seems like it's more than paid off.

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