741.1 Mile Delivery Gets Doordash Driver Only $9.25

A Door Dash driver was flabbergasted by the insanely low payout he'd receive for a delivery over 700 miles away.

Mustafa Gatollari - Author

Oct. 27 2021, Published 8:07 a.m. ET

Door Dash Delivery Driver 700 Miles
Source: TikTok | @kaelumgrantt

The current "gig economy" has its ups and downs, especially when it comes to delivery services. The pros are that you can effectively work whenever you want and from wherever you are. You can set your own hours and basically create your own workplace environment just as long as you follow the company's general rules and principles.

However, a lot of these driving/delivery gigs tend to have fluctuating rates of return depending on the time of day.

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Which is something this Door Dash driver highlighted with a now viral TikTok.

In the video, Ohio resident @kaelumgrantt pointed out a DoorDash delivery request he had received all the way from Rhode Island. The total mileage for the journey was a whopping 741.4 miles.

Door Dash Delivery Driver 700 Miles
Source: TikTok | @kaelumgrantt
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While the request more than likely was a mistake on the part of the end-user, sometimes it's interesting to see just how much money that kind of delivery would cost. You know, like when you overload your drink on the Starbucks app and craft an unholy concoction that no one in their right mind would actually drink.

Or when you see how much an Uber drive across the country would cost you just for laughs and realize it'd probably be cheaper to just buy a new car and camper. Or you know, a plane ticket like a normal person.

However, if Kaelum were to have taken the job, he would've only received $9.25 for the delivery. Nine dollars and twenty five cents for a trip that would've taken him at least 11 hours.

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life-changingObviously, this must've been some kind of glitch, but others found the entire situation hilarious. Kaelum's post amassed millions of hits. His original video currently has 4.7 million views, but he also uploaded a follow-up clip with a potentially life changing update. Well, life-changing if he went through with the order.

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Kaelum said in the video: "If you live in Rhode Island and you just ordered Godavari off DoorDash, make a sandwich ’cause you ain’t gonna get your food. That meal is as good as gone. … They trying to send me on an adventure. 741.1 miles for $9.25? I should’ve came with the right hook," Kaelum said in the clip.

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However, the follow-up clip indicates that he saw a clip uploaded by Mr. Beast who says that he tried to order a meal from 740 miles away. Kaelum said that if Mr. Beast was on the end of that video, he may've just missed out on a chance to get a huge cash prize or a Tesla from Mr. Beast, who is known to reward/surprise people with grand gifts.

Source: Twitter | @Kristin4Harlem
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Some commenters said that they couldn't believe the order even came through, whereas others mentioned that they either thought the end user ordered from that restaurant by mistake, or the system was glitching on the pay out Kaelum would've received for his trek through the Midwest all over to the East Coast.

"It’s usually save your last order so bro was probably in Ohio last time he used Uber or whatever," @oggcarson, a user on the platform pointed out, which would make a lot of sense. Perhaps someone from Ohio was visiting Rhode Island or vice versa and they accidentally ordered the meal?

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Source: Twitter | @LiptonT3A

"Bro was probably high or drunk. I did it once, had to give my driver $12 to bring it from my mom’s house that’s across the city from me, plus a tip," @camry99 said.

But the fact that Door Dash was only going to give $9.25 for the delivery seems kind of insane. The company hasn't commented on Kaellum's post, but the fact that his account has been taken offline does seem a little suspect, what do you think?

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