Kicking on Doors Has Taken Different Forms on TikTok for Years, but They're All Dangerous

Callie (Carlos) Cadorniga - Author

Nov. 30 2023, Published 1:28 p.m. ET

The Gist:

  • There are several challenges on TikTok based on kicking people's doors.
  • The trend first popped up in 2021.
  • Incidents have occurred as recently as 2023.
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TikTok trends can range from the wholesome and fun to the ill-advised and dangerous. Some can among to dances, cute relationship litmus tests, dances, or voiceover memes. Others can involve dances in the middle of public spaces, preferential treatment of your children, or even things that could be considered actual crimes that — for all intents and purposes — are being caught on camera one way or another.

For many TikTokers, it's apparently difficult for them to determine the difference between a prank or a viral trend and an actual crime, even if that action makes it on the news for all the wrong reasons. This includes, but is certainly not limited to, kicking people's doors. While the act itself may not be a crime, it has led to some blatant criminal offenses that have put non-TikTokers on high alert. Here's what you should know about door kick challenges on TikTok in all of their forms.

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Door kick challenges have taken on several forms on TikTok.

You might be surprised or utterly appalled to know that door kick challenges have been around for a couple of years. As you might have guessed from the name, however, they all involve kicking people's doors and running away. Not only is it a far cry from ding dong ditch pranks that kids used to pull back in the day, but they've caused concern and alarm in just about every iteration.

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In 2021, the "kick door challenge" involved kicking someone's door twice to the beat of "Die Young" by Kesha and running away. Folks would even post compilations of kicking doors throughout apartments and living complexes.

This version, which persisted through 2022, spread through colleges and neighborhoods and caused concern among residents. Local police were even brought in to keep tabs on areas where the trend was common.

In 2023, TikTokers were far less subtle with the trend. In many videos, they've eschewed the song altogether and simply... kick people's doors in. They don't do it with the purpose of breaking and entering, but they've caused some actual damage with these actions. In some instances, people actually tried kicking the doors open.

Not only are these TikTokers caught on doorcams on several occasions, but in one instance, someone's screen door received considerable damage from someone kicking it in.

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Naturally, this trend has continued to capture police attention. Authorities in several neighborhoods have advised that any individual caught kicking or assaulting people's doors and that doing so will result in criminal charges, especially if a door is damaged.

It's a bit unbelievable to think that we have to advise folks not to kick people's doors for internet clout. But seriously... do not kick people's doors for internet clout.

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