A DoorDash Driver Confronted a Customer Who Claimed Her Order Never Arrived

Haylee Thorson - Author

Apr. 13 2023, Published 2:53 p.m. ET

A DoorDash customer confronted by Dasher for lying
Source: TikTok/@yungtuci

Caught in 4k! In a recent TikTok, a DoorDash delivery person took matters into his own hands when a customer claimed her meal didn’t arrive. And the customer’s reaction to the confrontation was telling, to say the least.

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After arriving at the customer’s workplace, her response consisted of denial, guilt, and downright pettiness. Naturally, the comment section had a lot to say. So, what went down, exactly? Let’s get into it.

A delivery man on a bicycle
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A DoorDash driver confronted a customer who claimed their food never arrived.

The video began with creator @yungtuci arriving at the individual’s workplace to confront her after telling DoorDash she failed to receive her food.

“This woman said that her DoorDash never arrived after I delivered it to the hospital she works in [that is] full of cameras, so you know I had to go back,” the creator wrote in his video.

When the Dasher first asked her if she got her order, she told him she had no idea what he was talking about. “Why does it say, ‘the customer says the order never arrived?’” he pressed, to which she responded, “I don’t know.”

“Were you just trying to get free food and put my job on the line?” he questioned.

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After vehemently denying that she did anything wrong, the customer began offering excuses about how the order “confusion” occurred. She told him she had a shared DoorDash account, so somebody else might have accidentally told customer support that the order failed to arrive.

However, the Dasher wasn’t buying it.

After being guilt-tripped by the Dasher, the customer admitted her food did arrive.

Upon further questioning, the tables turned rather quickly. “My job’s at risk. I can’t just give you free food and sweep it under the rug. That’s not how it works,” the Dasher explained after the customer repeatedly denied the allegations. “I have a job too, and I have five kids I gotta feed.”

(Side note: the creator admitted he didn’t have children but wanted to make the customer feel guilty.).

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When the Dasher asked if she had received her order again, the customer confirmed that she did. But she still insisted that she wasn’t the one who claimed the food didn't arrive. And the comment section had a few thoughts.

TikTok users slammed the customer for looking guilty when the Dasher confronted her about her DoorDash order.

A man delivering a food order
Source: Getty Images

The Dasher wasn’t the only person who knew the customer lied about not receiving her DoorDash order. “She looks like she does this often,” one user pointed out in the comment section. Another joked, “She’s going viral viral just to save $20.”

Someone else added, “Her face immediately screamed she was guilty.”

Others noted that ordering food to one’s workplace and refusing to pay is downright ludicrous. “How could y’all have DoorDash deliver to your WORKPLACE and then have the audacity not to pay? Like you just checkmated yourself.”

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