DoorDash Driver Pretends to Have Flat Tire So They Can Eat Non-Tipper's Food Order

In a viral post, a DoorDash driver pretends to have a flat tire to eat a non-tipper's food order and folks online got him together.

Tatayana Yomary - Author

Aug. 2 2023, Updated 5:03 p.m. ET

The controversy about DoorDash on social media is far from over. Over the years, the food delivery app has been dragged for everything from not paying out delivery drivers to food not being delivered on time. And while some issues are not in the control of the delivery person, it makes the app look bad.

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Unfortunately, DoorDash is being viewed in a negative light yet again due to the actions of another delivery driver. In a TikTok video, a driver shared that he pretended to have a flat tire to eat a non-tipping customer’s food order. Yes, a driver had the audacity to film this nonsense for social media. Here’s the full scoop.

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A viral TikTok video shows a DoorDash driver pretending to have a flat tire to eat a non-tipping customer’s food.

Audacity is on clearance, folks! In a July 20, 2023 TikTok video, creator Side Hustle Addict (@sidehustleaddict) shared a video of him pretending to have a flat tire so he could eat a non-tipping customer’s food.

“Flat tire while dashing,” the video caption reads.

As the video begins, the creator is in his car showing the Doordash bag with the food inside.

“Today I picked up a DoorDash order for $5 for 10 miles,” the creator said. “After the day, I texted support and told them I have a flat tire.”

The creator laughed then showed a screenshot of the text message to DoorDash support.

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“Oh man, this DoorDash wants me to f—--- drive 10 miles for $5 and he got the fried chicken sandwich,” the creator said. “ I had to text DoorDash Support to tell them I got a flat tire.”

"Oh man, sorry, they have to remake this order for him. Thank you Doordash non-tipper, peace,” the creator said while laughing and showing the chicken sandwich as he prepared to eat it.

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Some TikTok users are disgusted by the DoorDash driver, while others have praised his behavior.

It’s one thing to really be hit with an issue while making a delivery. However, the actions of the DoorDash driver in the TikTok shows folks that they can’t really trust their delivery people.

On the flip side, other folks are confused seeing that many people provide a tip once the food is actually delivered.

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“Why do delivery drivers expect a tip before they have provided the service? Do you tip your server at a restaurant before your meal has arrived?” one person said.

“Nah man, come on man,” another person shared.

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Interestingly, many people are pleased with the dasher’s decision and even vowed to try it when they make future deliveries.

“I have not done this yet, maybe I will next time I Dash,” one person said.

“My tire went flat for some Panda Express once,” another person shared.

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While the creator laughed along with folks in the comment section about his “stolen” food, some people guessed that the TikTok may be a skit since this is probably grounds for him to be terminated.

Either way you look at it, DoorDash drivers who try this may be missing out. Some people simply prefer to tip in cash. Not to mention, continuing to make excuses for not making deliveries could be grounds for dismissal.

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