Where Is Beverly Lynn Smith's Husband, Doug Smith, Now?

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May 6 2022, Published 3:24 p.m. ET

Beverly Lynn Smith and Doug Smith
Source: Prime Video

Beverly Lynn Smith and Doug Smith

The Prime Video original docuseries, The Unsolved Murder of Beverly Lynn Smith focuses on the cold case killing of Beverly Lynn Smith. The 22-year-old was shot to death in the kitchen of her Raglan, Ontario home in 1974. Her 10-month-old baby daughter, Rebecca Smith, slept in a nearby room during the murder.

On the night she was killed, her husband, Doug Smith, called their neighbors, then-spouses Linda and Alan Dale Smith (who were not related to the victim and her husband), to check on Beverly. Doug sometimes sold marijuana to Alan, though they were not close friends.

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Linda Smith saw Beverly's dead body through one of the windows of the home, and the police were soon notified. The initial investigation was complicated, as few photos were taken of the crime scene, and an officer compromised the area by putting out his cigarette in the Smith family's ashtray. There were few substantial leads in the decades that followed, but that all changed when Alan's friend, Danny Maunder, spoke to the police.

Beverly Lynn Smith
Source: Prime Video

Beverly Lynn Smith

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In 2007, Danny spoke to the authorities, and he implicated Alan in the crime. Linda, who was his ex-wife by the time Danny spoke to the authorities, further identified Alan as a potential suspect during her own interview. In the years that followed, Alan would be arrested two times for Beverly's murder (the second arrest came after a controversial confession following a Mr. Big sting operation), and he was ultimately found not guilty of the crime in 2014.

While much of the four-part series Prime Video series focuses on Alan Dale Smith's story — from his early life, to his implication in the murder, to his eventual acquittal — viewers may be wondering where Beverly Lynn Smith's husband, Doug Smith, and her daughter, Rebecca, are now.

Rebecca appeared on the docuseries to discuss her mother's passing, how she learned about it, and how it's affected her adult life.

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Where is Beverly Lynn Smith's husband, Doug Smith, now?

Though the docuseries did dive into Beverly and Doug's marriage and, more specifically, their relationship issues and his alleged affair, the latter spouse did not appear on camera.

Doug Smith was just 25 years old when his wife was murdered, and he was an employee of a General Motors assembly plant. He was actually working the night shift when she was shot, which eliminated him as a suspect.

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As previously mentioned, Doug did sell marijuana around his town as a side business. Because there were no signs of forced entry at Doug and Beverly's home, the authorities thought early on that Beverly may have known her killer. They also suspected that her death could have been a drug deal gone wrong.

Following his wife's murder, per Toronto Life, Doug did get remarried (and he later got divorced).

According to The Cinemaholic, Doug is living in Oshawa, Ontario, and he has led a relatively private life in recent years.

Where is Beverly Lynn Smith's daughter, Rebecca Smith now?

More than 47 years after Beverly Lynn Smith was killed, many of her loved ones appeared on The Unsolved Murder of Beverly Lynn Smith. Beverly's sisters, Barbra Brown, Wendy Spiers-Lodge, and Susan Brown, contributed to the four-part show, as did her daughter, Rebecca.

Beverly's daughter was less than a year old at the time of the murder, and Rebecca shared on the docuseries that she has no direct memories of her mom.

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Rebecca learned that her mother was murdered when she was six years old. Though she was at home when the slaying occurred and she has no memories of what happened, she's become fascinated with true crime in her adult life.

Beverly's daughter became a personal support worker, and she's also a married mom of three. On the Prime Video series, Rebecca shared that she had her first son at 22. Since he turned 10 months old, she's often thought about the fact that she has outlived her mom.

Source: Prime Video

Beverly Lynn Smith's daughter, Rebecca.

Rebecca and Beverly's twin sister, Barbra, attended Alan Dale Smith's trial together in 2014.

Though Rebecca believes that Alan is her mom's killer, she shared on the series that she is "open" to other possibilities. Her mother's murder remains unsolved.

The Unsolved Murder of Beverly Lynn Smith is available to stream on Prime Video now.

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