People Are Taking Drastic Measures to Make Sure Others Stay at Least Six Feet Away

Robin Zlotnick - Author

Jun. 29 2020, Updated 2:02 p.m. ET

For those who are taking the pandemic seriously, it is beyond frustrating when those around you don't. Wearing a mask may not protect you from contracting COVID-19, but it could help stop you from spreading the virus if you are infected, even if you don't know it.  

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Wearing a mask is basically an indicator that you care about other people. And if most people wore masks, cases would drop. By a lot. It's hard to imagine the selfishness and the cognitive disconnect it takes to not take the simple step of wearing a mask when you're in public. It's something that in no way violates you and might save others' lives. Still, it's something many refuse to do. And so people are starting to take matters into their own hands when they encounter someone who clearly doesn't care whether they get the virus or not.

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Jason's brother tried to be polite. Even though the man behind him wasn't wearing a mask, he simply asked him to stay six feet away, the socially responsible thing to do. The unmasked man responded by reaching out and grabbing the mask on his face, so Jason's brother punched him. 

All I hope is that this guy learned his lesson and that Jason's brother washed his hands afterward. Plenty of people are trying to preempt a violent confrontation like this one by wearing shirts and taking other measures that send the message that they are not messing around when it comes to the rules of social distancing and mask-wearing.

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This person is not mincing words. This isn't just a shirt they bought off of Etsy or something. They took the time to type this out, print it out, and tape it to the back of their coat. That's how you know they mean business. I have a feeling not a single word of this is a joke.

This one might be a joke, sure, but also, I wouldn't risk it. Side note: Skunks are super cute and they don't get enough credit because of their stinky secretions. But look at that face!

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This shirt is for sale and you can buy it and wear it and threaten people into staying away from you. Jason's brother really could have used this shirt, but somehow, I feel like it wouldn't have made a difference with that horrible mask grabber guy.

This woman is so germaphobic that she went to the grocery store in a plastic bubble. Now, this might have been some sort of stunt (why not have the guy who claims to be her "carer" just go shopping for her while she stays at home?), but you can't deny that in terms of keeping a safe barrier between herself and others, this tactic is a solid one.

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In addition to this story having one heck of a punchline, it also illustrates an effective way of making non-mask wearers regret not wearing masks. Spraying vanilla-scented body spray into someone's face may not be as outwardly violent as punching them in the face, but it's probably just as effective.

When in doubt, make a face and walk away. Even if you're wearing a mask, chances are they will see the disdain in your eyes. 

The ironic thing about this photo is that it seems like whoever took it was definitely not six feet away from this dude. Sometimes, the only thing that will get through to people is the harsh truth. This t-shirt very eloquently encapsulates what mask wearers think of non-mask wearers everywhere.

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