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These Social Distancing Pros Are Showing Us How It's Done



As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread, one of the most important things we can do to make sure we don't contribute to that spread is social distancing. The CDC reports that the virus can spread between two people within a distance of about six feet. 

So, people all over the globe are practicing safe social distancing. Socializing is so important for our mental health and general wellbeing, so many have figured out creative ways to still get their time in with friends and loved ones.

This man in Italy went viral for walking around with a giant disc around his waist to force social distancing. I have to admit, this is pretty genius. The only problem is that walking out in public like this was such a spectacle that he probably became more popular than he ever had been before!

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This picture of neighborhood dads responsibly social distancing while catching up in the cul de sac went viral, and for good reason. Every dad type is represented in this picture. Starting on the right and going counterclockwise, you have Business Dad Who Just Got Home From Work, Fitness Dad, Beer and Football Dad, Beer and Recliner Dad, and two — count 'em, TWO — North Face, Jeans, and Loafers Dads. 

It's just not something you see every day, you know?  

This person is attempting to entertain the neighborhood by walking around playing the trombone while wearing a T-Rex costume. Genius and also kind of annoying. I will say, I played the trombone for many years throughout middle school and high school (a fact about myself I constantly forget), and I don't think I ever sounded as good as this person. So that's saying something.

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These cats have been socially distancing themselves from each other ever since they were first forced to coexist in the same house. Be like these cats. They know exactly what they're doing.

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Well, this is perfect, which means, of course, that it's in Denmark. A supermarket there has set up circles on the floor to make sure customers who are waiting in line are properly spread out. This isn't the only store to do something like this. It's really kind of heartwarming to see people come together like this... by staying apart. 

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While the dads are standing around in a responsibly socially distanced circle, the moms are in their own. This circle of lawn-chair sitting, sunglass-wearing white women may look innocent, but I cannot even imagine the level of vitriolic neighborhood gossip being exchanged right now. I'm surprised the sidewalk hasn't burst into flames.

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In the Jewish religion, certain obligations require a minyan, which is a gathering of ten Jewish adults (men, if you're Orthodox) to pray together. Usually, the men stand shoulder-to-shoulder in a line or a semi-circle, or they're at least in the same room as each other. But due to the coronavirus, this minyan, which took place in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, comprises men standing outside at least six feet apart from each other. You love to see it!

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You know those two ladies in your neighborhood that always walk together? I feel like every neighborhood has a pair. They're usually older, with grown children and stylish leisurewear outfits, and they always chat up a storm as they traverse the neighborhood. Well, in this neighborhood, they're still out there! They're just keeping a safe distance from each other. 

This whole neighborhood is partaking in an aerobics class / dance party all at the same time! So hilarious! I have to say, standing up and moving helps. This week, I had a virtual hang with three of my best friends, and during it, we had a dance break where we let loose to just one song! And I felt markedly better afterward. 

The kids really are all right. This is social distancing fun at its finest. Honestly, I'm impressed with these kids' soccer skills, too. If I were out there, someone would get hit it in the face with the ball and that fence probably wouldn't be standing for long. 

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