A Drive-Thru Employee Kicks Out a Karen and Brings Customers Together

Jamie Lerner - Author

Aug. 23 2023, Published 9:44 a.m. ET

The world is full of unruly Karens in the wild, but when someone stands up to one of these predatory Karens, it’s the work of legends. Our latest installment in the book of Karens takes place at Cane’s drive-thru when a Karen tried to cut into the line. We all hate a line cutter, but when they take on Karen-like traits, our disdain multiplies.

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Luckily for the people of this tale, a heroic employee stepped up to the plate to take out the villainous Karen. And it was all documented on TikTok. So, what happened and how did the legendary hero take down the Karen?

A woman with road rage leaning out of a car window
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A drive-thru employee kicked a Karen out of the line after she tried to cut.

The best part of TikTok is catching Karens in the act. When a couple of people were just trying to get some Cane’s chicken, waiting patiently in their car, a Karen driving a bigger car yelled, “I’m coming in whether you like it or not!” Oh, no you are not, girl.

But when the other cars in the line resisted her cutting the line, she said, “If you hit me, I’ll punch you in the f------ head for real.” The video creator, whose identity we don’t actually know since the video has only been shared on the Super Krazy Karens page, then wrote, “We played her some music to cheer her up as she proceeded to almost hit the person in front of us.”

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Then, the subtitles on the video showed us something we rarely see: “A lovely Cane’s employee suddenly came out and said, ‘I got this guys,’ to us before saying this to her …” And what he said will change the history of Karens forever.

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“Ma’am, you’re gonna have to go around,” he tells her. When she talks back (we can’t understand what she says in the video), he replies, “Well, the line starts behind them. So you’re gonna have to go …” to what we assume is the back of the line. We can’t understand the rest of what he says, but we do know that he is a hero!

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The Karen promptly followed directions — as it seems, this species of Karen will disobey any rule until she gets caught. After getting caught, she realizes that her actions have consequences, and what’s the only thing worse than not getting what she wants? Realizing that she can’t get away with breaking the rules.

TikTok commenters support the people in the video, especially the Cane’s employee.

Commenters were quick to support the Karen’s prey, which is just what we would expect from the Super Krazy Karens TikTok page. It’s very rare to support the predator in a case of the Karens, but especially here, when a drive-thru customer tries to cut the line — something we can all relate to. In all fairness, it’s possible we’ve tried to cut a drive-thru line too, but there are no excuses! Everyone needs to get somewhere.

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The post’s top comment just says, “That worker deserves a raise!” Who knows? Maybe they got one! Maybe they’re the manager and they’re just doing what they need to do. Others chimed in with comments like, “Yes, justice served!” Someone else wrote, “This put the biggest smile on my face.”

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At the end of the day, we may hate the Karens, but our mutual hatred is what brings us all together. At the end of the video, the passengers in the cars in front of and behind the alteracation talk with one another. “I love how you guys gossiped with the other car at the end! Solidarity,” they wrote.

Someone else wrote, “Love the random bonding that happens when Karens are present!” This is so true. Perhaps Karens just exist to bring people together. We never thought the predatory Karens would benefit society, but perhaps their victims’ alliance is the true meaning of the Karen.

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