Drunk Man Tries to Fight His Reflection in a Karaoke Bar, Internet Goes Wild

When a drunk man tries to fight his reflection in a bar, the internet makes light of the situation with the best comments you could ask for.

Jamie Lerner - Author

Sep. 6 2023, Published 1:37 p.m. ET

You never know what will happen on a night out, but some nights are less predictable than others. And TikTok served up a clip of a man trying to legitimately fight his reflection. How drunk do you have to be to not just want to fight, but to fight … yourself?

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Perhaps we all want to fight ourselves. We have heard of fighting our inner demons. But we’ve never heard of fighting our outer demons. Now, one brave man has shown the world that he’s a warrior by fighting himself in the mirror. It’s sadly laughable — but the comments on ZappedDaddy's (@zappeddaddy) video make it all worth it.

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TikToker ZappedDaddy took a video of a drunk man trying to fight his reflection.

At a karaoke bar in Kihei, Hawaii, TikToker ZappedDaddy was hanging out with some friends when he noticed a man acting oddly in the bar. The man began talking to himself in the mirror and then started punching at the mirror. Um, what? Yes, we’re just as bewildered as you are.

Look, we’re not here to mock anyone who might be struggling, and if this man has something deeper going on, we doubt there would be a viral TikTok about his antics. From the people who were there, it seems like he was just really, really, really, really drunk. And we’ve all been drunk! But drunk enough to punch the reflection of ourselves in the mirror? That takes a lot of alcohol.

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ZappedDaddy set the video to FluffyBaee’s version of “Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?” with the lyrics, “I said do you wanna fight? Do you wanna catch these hands?” The song is typically played over videos of cute animals fighting, which makes ZappedDaddy’s video even funnier. Watching the man fight himself is like watching an adorable animal in the wild. Aww!

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The comments about the drunk man fighting himself are memeable.

The best part about ZappedDaddy’s video is easily the comments. We can just imagine the memes created by the brilliant TikTok commenters. Lorena Cispita wrote, “Cuando encuentro al culpable de todos mis problemas,” which means, “When I find who’s to blame for all my problems.” Just imagine the meme — one fighting oneself in the mirror with that caption — it’s a wonder we don’t all punch our own reflections on the daily!

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Another commenter named Kevin wrote, “He found the only one who could know his every move.” It’s true. From the perspective of the fighting man, his opponent was really a skilled fighter who anticipated every motion. Little did he know, he was his own opponent.

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Claire.Louise wrote, “Hey man, he’s not worth it.” It’s a phrase we all say to ourselves and our friends when they’re ready to throw hands, but the irony of the man fighting himself makes the phrase automatically self-deprecating in the best way possible.

On the second post with the original audio, in which we learned this took place at a karaoke bar, Candace Gislar wrote, “I’m starting with the man in the mirror.” What a well-placed comment. Not only does it describe the man fighting himself, but those are also the lyrics to a very common karaoke song, Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror.”

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Gary Gamble took a more philosophical approach. “Toughest battles in life are often with ourselves,” he wrote. This is what we all say to ourselves when we’re feeling down. Perhaps the drunk man said it to himself and knew who he was fighting all along. Maybe he felt like it was time to face his ultimate obstacle: himself.

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