"This Is Not OK" — Woman Says Salvation Army is Selling $250 Fake Louis Vuitton Belt

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Sep. 6 2023, Updated 12:18 p.m. ET

Thanks to celebrities and influencers showcasing their lavish lifestyles, some people have made it a point to try and emulate certain aspects of their lives. On social media, it’s become quite normal to see people wear expensive clothing and accessories, and drive foreign cars.

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Even though some people are unable to afford expensive items, it hasn’t stopped them from trying to attain them. As a result, some folks either decide to break the bank or opt for knock-offs. So, one woman took to TikTok to share that a Salvation Army location has a fake Louis Vuitton belt on sale. And of course, folks are not surprised. Here’s the full scoop.

A person wearing a Louis Vuitton belt and holding a matching handbag
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A woman shared that a Salvation Army location has a fake Louis Vuitton belt for sale on TikTok.

Is it truly worth buying a knock-off item? In a July 28, 2023, TikTok video, creator Msfili (@msfili) shared a video of her interesting discovery at a Salvation Army location.

“How is the Salvation Army charging $250 for a fake Louis Vuitton belt?” the video caption reads.

As the video starts, the creator holds up a black Louis Vuitton with a price tag.

“The Salvation Army has the audacity to be charging $250 for a fake Louis Vuitton belt,” the creator said as she showed the belt and a price tag that reads $249.99.

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“There’s not even a label, there’s no marking, there’s nothing,” the creator said as she placed the belt on top of the display table. “Disgusting.”

The creator then picked up the belt again to show the LV logo buckle on the belt that appeared to have a plastic appearance, with the side of the buckle at the “V” having a chipped or scratched look.

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Some TikTok users agree that the belt is fake and that the Salvation Army is wrong to sell counterfeit items.

If you’re familiar with the brand Louis Vuitton, you know that they are known for using high-quality materials when making their creations. And when it comes to their belts, they’re made with calf leather and gold-, silver-color, or palladium hardware. Not to mention, some men's belts are made with a matte lacquer finish.

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With that in mind, TikTok users are convinced that the belt is fake, based on its flimsy appearance.

“First of all, what idiot would pay that?” one person asked.

Interestingly, some people in the comment section tried to scold the creator for calling out the Salvation Army and said that she could simply choose not to buy it. However, it’s much more than that.

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“The point is they’re ripping ppl off by selling a fake. I’m sorry your brain hasn’t evolved to have some common sense,” the creator responded to a troll in the comments.

Truth be told, it is against the law to sell fake goods. However, the counterfeit industry continues to boom despite the law.

That said, it’s best to buy expensive goods from consignment shops or luxury resellers to guarantee real merchandise. Many of these stores check the merchandise thoroughly to ensure you're purchasing top-quality items.

Not to mention, charity shops should be selling goods at a reaosnable price, especially counterfeit designer items.

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