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Source: Jeffree Star/Instagam

Jeffree Star Acknowledges Super-Fan Dylan Cook's Death in Emotional Video


It's no secret that beauty influencer Jeffree Star has had a rough few months in his personal life. Between the deaths of two of his beloved dogs — and most recently, breaking up with his longtime boyfriend, Nathan Schwandt — it seems like the bad news just keeps piling up for Jeffree. In the midst of his breakup announcements, though, Jeffree also revealed the death of super-fan Dylan Cook. And it seems the news has hit him pretty hard.

On Jan. 11 — toward the end of his 17-minute video titled, "We Broke Up" — Jeffree shared about the passing of two of his dedicated followers.

"Two of my amazing supporters, subscribers, and fans passed away over the last few weeks: Kevin Bacon in Flint, Michigan, and Dylan Cook in San Diego, California. Both of them died tragically over the last few weeks."