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Source: Netflix

The Protagonist of 'Earthquake Bird' May or May Not Be Guilty (SPOILERS!)


If you thought the ending of Joker was baffling, you'll want to sit down for this.

Earthquake Bird, the new Netflix mystery-drama, chronicles the story of three close friends. Tokyo-based translator Lucy Fly makes the fatal mistake of introducing her newly-found bestie, Lily to her enigmatic boyfriend, Teiji, only for the two to fall for each other. 

Lily goes missing, and everyone suspects that Lucy is to blame. Did she kill her? What happened? Lo and behold: Earthquake Bird ending, explained

Earthquake Bird ending explained: It revolves around a twisted love triangle gone badly wrong. 

The full feature film is told through the perspective of Lucy who falls head over heels for a photographer (Naoki Kobayashi) she meets while out and about in her new hometown of Tokyo.