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Source: Instagram

Eden Alene Is the First Israeli of Ethiopian Descent to Represent the Country at the Eurovision Song Contest


"Remember those walls I built, well, baby, they're tumbling down," sang Eden Alene at the Israeli talent show, The Next Star, on Tuesday, Feb. 4. 

Her goosebump-inducing performance of Beyoncé's "Halo" was that which earned her the first place, and with it, the incredible opportunity to take part in the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest. The 19-year-old chanteuse is the first Israeli of Ethiopian descent to represent the country at the ever-popular program. Ready to find out more about her? 

Eurovision's up-and-coming star Eden Alene knew that she was destined for singing at an early age.

The Next Star was far from the only time Eden appeared on a televised singing contest. Despite her young age, the incredibly talented singer has already participated in shows like the Israeli The X Factor, a reality show calling on dozens of contestants to show off their best streaks and compete against each other for the much-coveted trophy and a cash prize. Eden won the show just when she turned 17.