A Man Has Made an Eel Pit in His Basement, and TikTok Is Compelled and Repulsed

The guy transforming his basement into an eel pit and documenting the process on TikTok has finally got the eels to make his dream reality.


Jun. 15 2022, Published 10:35 a.m. ET

The internet is known for bringing divisive content to the fore, and few things have been more divisive recently than Nick Tobler, aka Eel Daddy, who decided to transform the basement of the house he recently purchased into an eel pit. Nick has been working on the eel pit for the past few months, but he just recently added eels to the pit to finally make his dream a reality.

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Why is the Eel Daddy making an eel pit?

Nick has kept viewers hooked to his TikTok page by posting videos that document the construction of his eel pit, and he was even featured in an episode of the Rolling Stone podcast Don't Let This Flop in which he discussed the reasons he wanted to build an eel pit in his basement. As it turns out, Nick owns a salt water aquarium shop, and he says that his interest in marine life came from Steve Erwin, as well as his experience playing Pokemon and Animal Crossing.

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"When I wasn’t playing that I’d just be out in the woods catching stuff,” he said, and then discussed his reaction to people who are horrified by his eel pit: “I’m not a violent or scary person at all, but it is a dark hole."

He also said that at one point his closet was completely covered in scorpions, and he also housed tarantulas in his living room. It's fair to say that Nick has somewhat exotic tastes.

The internet is baffled by Eel Daddy.

There are certainly plenty of people who are invested in Nick's attempt to build out this eel pit in his basement, but there are others who are totally baffled or even repulsed by what Nick is doing to his own house.

“I’ve been watching this guy on TikTok gradually build an eel pit (exactly what it sounds like) under his house for months now, and tomorrow he is FINALLY going to add the eels. gonna be a huge day for me," one person wrote on Twitter.

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“Came here to ask this WHY?! WHY DO YOU NEED AN EEL PIT… MUCH LESS UNDER YOUR HOUSE?! This has some James Bond-level villain 'throw Mr. Bond into my eel pit' vibe,” another person added, presenting a slightly more hostile viewpoint.

"If a guy discovering a cistern under the house he just bought and then instantly deciding to turn it into an under-house eel pit doesn't get you on TikTok then nothing will," another added.

Source: TikTok
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Nick has clearly divided the internet into people who are excited about the eel pit, and people who are not. Thankfully, it seems Nick is largely unbothered by the people who are confused by his desire to build an eel pit.

He seems like the kind of person who is focused primarily on finding his own bliss. If turning part of his home into an eel pit is part of that bliss, then he can certainly do that, as long as the animals are well taken care of.

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