The Easter Egg Launcher in 'Fortnite'
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Get the Egg Launcher in 'Fortnite' Before It Goes Back to the Vault

Sara Belcher - Author

Apr. 13 2022, Published 9:05 a.m. ET

Lines have been drawn around the Fortnite map as the IO's invasion of the island continues — and players working through Chapter 3, Season 2 have been trying to take down as many of these enemies as they can to turn the battle in favor of the Resistance. The new season also brought out a slew of new Legendary weapons for players to use in battle, as well as a Zero Build mode to emulate the brief time that building was unavailable in the game.

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But Fortnite isn't done giving us new content this season. As part of Fortnite's update ahead of the Easter holiday, a couple of items were released from the vault to keep gameplay interesting, and the Legendary Easter Egg Launcher was one of the items the developers brought back. It's a powerful weapon that will take some grinding to obtain — but here's everything you need to know about this holiday weapon and where to find it in the game.

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What is the Easter Egg Launcher in 'Fortnite' and where do you find it?

This holiday-exclusive weapon was released back to the game in the week ahead of the Easter holiday. The Egg Launcher is an explosive weapon, launching eggs at your enemies that will explode upon impact, dealing significant damage to your foe.

It's typically only available around the egg-centric holiday and was originally introduced in 2018 during the Spring It On! event, though it's often reappeared around this time of the year.

Since the Egg Launcher is a Legendary weapon, it's a bit difficult to find, as it has a very low chance of spawning. Because of that, there isn't one specific location where you can find it. Instead, you'll have to destroy loot crates and hope that it drops.

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It's currently unclear whether this weapon will remain in the game after the holiday through the rest of the season or if it will disappear on April 18 (the day after Easter). Players should try to grab one while they can.

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Some other limited-time items have been reintroduced to 'Fortnite.'

In addition to the Egg Launcher, the Jetpack has also been released from the vault and added to the game. These will allow the player to float around, giving them the ability to shoot at enemies from above.

These are located inside of IO blimps, so if you manage to get into one, check the walls to snag a Jetpack and fly around the map with it. Just remember to watch how much charge you have left, or you may find yourself taking damage if you fall.

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In addition to the Jetpack, the Bouncy Eggs have also returned to the game. Another holiday-centric item, the Bouncy Eggs are consumable briefly giving you low gravity. This allows players to bounce around the map with ease, making higher jumps and giving you more air time.

As with the Egg Launcher, it's unclear whether or not these items will remain available for the rest of the season, or if they'll be removed from gameplay again soon. Use them as much as you can in the next week.

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