27 Silly Elf Jokes for All the Kids at the Christmas Table

There's a lot going on during the holidays. Don't let entertaining the kids be another burden. Entertain them with these elf jokes!


Dec. 18 2020, Published 6:43 p.m. ET

elf jokes for kids
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It’s the most wonderful time of the year once again and we all could do with an extra dose of holiday cheer. Funny Christmas jokes are a perfect way to get into the holiday spirit, and these silly elf jokes for kids are sure to keep them as merry as can be. You can’t go wrong with these downright hilarious elf jokes that are sure to spread seasonal joy and have everyone’s belly shaking like a bowlful of jelly. 

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Whether you’re gathering with your family virtually or in-person, you’re going to be glad you came armed with a handful of cheesy jokes for the kids. You might even get a giggle or two from the adults who’re still young at heart. 

So keep scrolling and start spreading seasonal cheer one funny elf joke at a time.

elf jokes for kids
Source: getty
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Elf jokes for kids (and the kids at heart)

1. Q: How do elves communicate with one another?
A: They use their elf phones.

2. Q: What do you call a holistic elf doctor?
A: A gnome-opath.

3. Q: What do you call an elf walking backwards?
A: A Fle.

4. Q: If athletes get athlete's foot, what do elves get?
A: Mistle-toe.

5. Q: Why do none of the elves' names begin with 'S'?
A: Because that would be selfish.

6. Q: What kind of cars do elves drive?
A: Toy-otas.

7. Q: What's an elf's favorite type of bread?
A: Shortbread.

8. Q: What do elves sing to Santa on his birthday?
A: Freeze a Jolly Good Fellow!

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9. Q: Where do elves go when they're sick?
A: To the elf center.

10. Q: What's a female elf called?
A: A shelf.

11. Q: What do you call an elf who's won the lottery?
A: Welfy.

12. Q: How do elves get from floor to floor?
A: They use the elf-avatar.

elf jokes for kids
Source: getty
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13. Q: Where do elves go dancing?
A: Christmas balls.

14. Q: What kind of photographs do elves like taking?
A: Elfies.

15. Q: Why does Santa owe everything to the elves?
A: Because he's an elf-made man.

16. Q: Why do elves make good listeners?
A: Because they're all ears.

17. Q: Why did the elves ask the turkey to join the band?
A: Because he had the drum sticks.

18. Q: What do elves learn in school?
A: The Elf-abet

19. Q: Where do you find elves?
A: Depends where you left them!

20. Q: What's another name for Santa's helpers?
A: Subordinate clauses!

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21. Q: How do elves greet each other?
A: "Small world, isn't it?"

22. Q: If Santa rides in a sleigh, what do elves ride in?
A: Mini vans!

23. Who sings "Blue Christmas" and makes toy guitars?
A: Elfis!

24. Q: What did the elf say was the first step to using a Christmas computer?
A: "First, YULE LOG on..."

25. Q: How long should an elf's legs be?
A: Just long enough to reach the ground.

26. Q: What kind of money do elves use?
A: Jingle bills!

27. Q: How many elves does it take to change a light bulb?
A: Ten! One to change the light bulb and nine to stand on each other's shoulders.

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