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Source: Getty Images

Everything You Need to Know About Ella Balinska Before You See the 'Charlie's Angels' Reboot


Many of us grew up with the 2000s-era Charlie's Angels, which included Lucy Liu, Drew Barrymore, and Cameron Diaz (and of course Chad, because The Chad was great). In fact, if you still can't get Destiny's Child's lyrics, "Lucy Liu / With my girl, Drew / Cameron D and Destiny / Charlie's Angels, come on" out of your head, you're not alone. But now there's an all-new 2019 Charlie's Angels ensemble, and we olds better get acquainted before seeing the movie (which comes out Friday, November 15). 

While you probably know Kristen Stewart (she plays Sabina Wilson, a tough and mischievous heiress) and Naomi Scott (an Angel named Elena Houghlin with an impressive engineering background), you might not be familiar with Ella Balinska, who's Angel #3, a former MI-6 agent named Jane Kano.