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Source: HBO

Emilia Clarke's Aneurysm Recovery Pics Prove She's a Total Khaleesi IRL


Emilia Clarke has proved she's every bit a khaleesi and warrior in real life as she is on screen. The Game of Thrones actress, who portrays Daenerys Targaryen, recently revealed the life-threatening struggle she faced after Season 1 filmed and two brain aneurysms threatened not only her livelihood as an actor, but her life itself.

She had emergency brain surgery six weeks before filming began on Season 2.

Source: HBO

The first of her two aneurysms occurred in the gym, and Emilia described it as "the most excruciating pain, like an elastic band just went, like, snap in my head."

Soon after, she realized it wasn't just a bad headache. "I felt an enormous amount of pressure suddenly, and then very, very, very quickly I realized I couldn't stand and I couldn't walk, and in that moment I knew I was being brain damaged."