TikTok Creators Claim Influencer Emily Mariko Made a Watery Pie Just For Engagement

TikTok creator Emily Mariko shared a controversial video of her making a pumpkin pie has users outraged. But some fans believe the video was fake.

Kelly Corbett - Author

Dec. 7 2022, Published 6:11 p.m. ET

Emily Mariko's pumpkin pie
Source: TikTok

“I’m confused. Is this comedy?” and “it’s watery” are definitely not the type of comments you’d want to see on your TikTok baking tutorial. But for creator Emily Mariko, this is now her reality.

The internet-famous creator, known for her food and lifestyle content, recently posted a questionable two-part video of her making a pumpkin pie.

Everything looks great during the first few seconds as she preps the pie for the oven, but then things take a turn.

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Emily takes her fall staple out of the oven and well, it looks a tad undercooked. Her so-called finished product that she proudly presents to viewers appears to be very much unfinished.

In fact, it jiggles. Yet Emily proceeds as if everything about her pie is normal. We can't help but ask: Are we getting punk'd?

emily mariko pumpkin pie tiktok
Source: TikTok
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TikTok is shook over Emily Mariko's pumpkin pie.

In the first video, Emily is seen making the crust and filling for her pie. When she's done with both, she pours the filling into her from-scratch crust and puts it into the oven to bake.

It's unknown how long she baked it, but when she retrieved it from the oven, everything about it looked incomplete. Some users joked that it looked to be a pan full of "pumpkin spice latte," or "soup." Others warned Emily that she could get food poisoning from consuming it.

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Yet the show goes on. In the second video, Emily preps some homemade whipped cream for her alleged pie. Then she cuts a slice of it ever so gingerly to make sure her slimy dessert doesn't spill.

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TikTok user accuses her if trying to go viral for it.

After Emily's pie fiasco, some creators shared their thoughts on why Emily posted those brow-raising videos. As creator Chef Kelly Scott (@kellyscleankitchen) said in a TikTok, "Not for a second did I ever think this was real."

She explained that Emily is not only a good chef, but she's also social media savvy. And this was all just a little trick to capture users' attention.

"What makes better content than something controversial? Nothing. Controversy feeds engagement and gives her tons of money," Chef Kelly said.

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Creator @subwaycowgirl echoed Chef Kelly's theory in the video below: "I'm begging the people of TikTok to comprehend that when someone does slightly controversial things — 'cough cough Emily Mariko' — and gets thousands of comments and goes viral for it, they're doing it on purpose," she said.

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So, do you think Emily actually ate that pie, or was it just a prop to help rev up her social media engagement? Whatever it was, she did get over 12 million views between the two videos which is higher than what she averages on her most of her videos.

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