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Source: Univision Noticias

Here's What You Should Know About the "First Drug Queenpin," Enedina Arellano Felix


Enedina Arellano Felix seized control over the Tijuana Cartel in the early 2000s, commanding respect with an unusually profit-driven approach. The University of Guadalajara graduate earned esteem with a success-oriented mindset — which is also reflected in her nickname, "La Jefa," or "the boss." Her unconventional life story served as a source of inspiration behind several movies and TV shows, including Narcos: Mexico. We set out to investigate: Where is she now? 

Enedina Arellano Felix is still active.

According to Time magazine, the Mazatlán-native seized control over the Tijuana Cartel after her male family members lost their ability to exercise control over the notorious organization. Some were arrested, others shot dead. La Jefa provided administrative support for the gang for much of her adult life, using her bachelor's degree in accounting to drive forward the family business. After she rose to prominence, she insisted on the same ethos and treated finances as the main priority.