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Source: Netflix

The Similarities and Differences Between 'Narcos' and 'Narcos: Mexico' Are Clear as Day in Season 2


When Narcos premiered on Netflix, it brought to life the true story behind Pablo Excobar’s rise to power in Columbia and the legacy he left behind. And, despite painting Escobar as a sometimes hero of the people, Netflix subscribers ate up the story of drug trafficking, drama, and adventure as DEA agents chased him for the inevitable showdown.

Once Escobar’s story was over, the show hit a slight drop and was soon after revamped as Narcos: Mexico in order to extend the story of drug trafficking a little further north. The story continues what initially began on Narcos, even with Escobar long gone in the show’s timeline. But because the shows are in the same universe and the spin-off has gained its footing, fans may be wondering how they are even connected.