Erin Andrews Discusses Infertility Journey and Finding Balance Between Work and Motherhood (EXCLUSIVE)

"It was very important for me to talk and be really honest about how much infertility sucks," Erin shared in an exclusive interview with 'Distractify.'

Allison DeGrushe - Author

Mar. 27 2024, Published 4:56 p.m. ET

Erin Andrews and her son, Mack, pose for an Enfamil campaign.
Source: Brent Broza for Enfamil Enspire Optimum

Renowned as a trailblazing figure in sports media, Erin Andrews has shattered the glass ceiling and paved the way for women in the industry. Her illustrious career — which spans over two decades — has elevated her from a well-known sports analyst to a legend in the making! Whether covering college games or the grand stage of the Super Bowl, Erin has consistently delivered with her distinctive style and expertise.

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But beyond the sidelines, Erin is also a devoted mother! In an exclusive interview with Distractify — which focused on Erin's partnership with Enfamil's Enspire Optimum infant formula — the sportscaster opened up about her experience with IVF and surrogacy, addressing the challenges with remarkable honesty.

Erin Andrews attends 2022 Fox Upfront on May 16, 2022 in New York City
Source: Getty Images
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Erin also candidly discussed the challenges of balancing a busy schedule with the duties of parenthood. She even offered valuable advice and effective time-management strategies to help any working parent striving to manage the dual demands of a career and family life.

Erin Andrews's son was born via surrogacy in July 2023.

In January 2017, Erin announced that she had been diagnosed with cervical cancer in September 2016 and underwent treatment. Following two operations, Erin received the uplifting news of being cancer-free! However, during that time, she and her now-husband, former professional hockey player Jared Stoll, had not yet discussed marriage or starting a family — but the experience accelerated their relationship.

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Reflecting on the frustrating journey with IVF, Erin shared with Distractify the emotional toll of enduring unsuccessful attempts and the constant medication regimen, all while maintaining "a brave face for my husband." The uncertainty of success weighed heavily on her, amplifying the challenges.

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Due to the effects of cervical cancer on her body, Erin and her husband turned to surrogacy when their options with IVF became limited. Although the pair's initial attempt didn't succeed, it ultimately led them to a remarkable match with their current surrogate, whom Erin holds in high regard and affectionately described as a "real-life angel."

"She was a warrior. She battled, and she had this baby, and we are forever grateful for her," Erin gushed to Distractify, adding that she and Jared's surrogacy journey culminated in the arrival of their son, Mack, in July 2023.

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For those embarking on similar journeys toward parenthood, Erin offers a simple yet invaluable piece of advice: Seek support from a wide range of sources, including your partner and other trusted individuals in your circle.

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"It's a lot, and sometimes, it's just too hard to talk to your partner about it because they don't want to upset you, and you don't want to upset them, and you're already skating on thin ice with just the emotions and everything that you go through," Erin explained. "I just really think it's the best outlet, especially now with the whole conversation of mental health and how much people kind of bottle up. It's important to talk."

Erin admitted that balancing work and motherhood is challenging.

Now, this is a sentiment practically all working parents can rally behind! Balancing a full-time career with parenthood is undeniably one of life's most fulfilling endeavors — yet it's also among the most demanding.

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When asked about this delicate balance, Erin disclosed to Distractify that she recently found herself in a rut and hasn't felt quite like herself lately. She attributed this to the decrease in her workload compared to the NFL season.

Upon returning to her place in front of the camera, she felt a resurgence of her usual self — but along with it came the familiar pang of mom guilt.

Erin Andrews reports from the sidelines prior to the NFC Championship game between the 49ers and Lions at Levi's Stadium on Jan. 28, 2024.
Source: Getty Images

Erin Andrews reports from the sidelines prior to the NFC Championship game on Jan. 28, 2024.

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"I feel like, 'Oh my god, he's probably having his lunch right now, and I'm missing that,'" Erin told Distractify. "We did a whole wonderful shoot [on March 18] for Enfamil, and I missed really the whole day."

The sideline reporter continued, "So, dealing with the mom guilt, dealing with the fact that I'm not there, and dealing with the fact that I know that I'm a better mom, I’m a better partner to my husband when I am busy, when I am getting those creative juices going, and learning how to balance that whole thing [is challenging]."

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That being said, how does she manage to maintain this balance while on the road for work?

"FaceTime is huge," Erin exclusively told Distractify before gushing about her Nanit camera, which is her lifeline when she's away from her family. "It's so great because I can actually see when he's waking up [and] when he's going to bed, but feel like, 'OK, it's 68 degrees in there, he's comfortable, look at the way he's sleeping!' I can actually watch him like a psycho if I'm in a hotel, which is really nice to be able to do when I'm away."

Erin Andrews is the new spokesperson for Enfamil Enspire Optimum.

Erin has been candid about her journey with infertility, making her a natural choice to champion a movement like this! Partnering with Enfamil Enspire Optimum (the No. 1 pediatrician-recommended infant formula) for its "Bottle Up" campaign, Erin aims to raise awareness for the countless struggles parents encounter, such as infertility, and offer assistance for each family's distinct journey.

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"I'm not a very quiet or shy person," Erin emphasized. "It was very important for me to talk and be really honest about how much infertility sucks, how much going through IVF is so hard. ... It's a cruel, cruel experience."

Erin expressed to Distractify, "It's unfair in so many ways, but you're not alone. And that's why it was very important for me to be so vocal for that, and that's why I love this partnership with Enfamil. For the longest time, I was quiet. I bottled up my emotions, my feelings, my experience with all that. We want to show people anything that they're feeling with this whole journey, feel free to talk about it. There's no need to bottle it up anymore."

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