“I Wish He Didn’t Make Me Coffee” — Woman Explains How Hard It Is to Live With Your Ex

This TikToker says she's moving out of her ex's place this weekend, and she really wishes he hadn't just made her morning coffee like he usually does.


Aug. 15 2023, Published 2:44 p.m. ET

Jeez Louise, why did this woman's TikTok hit us so hard? But it did.

There is something so simple but so sad about this whole thing. A woman says she and her boyfriend — who live together — have broken up. They're about to go their separate ways within a few days, but he still made her morning coffee as he usually does.

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The sweet routine action hit her hard.

Keep reading for a breakdown of this woman's video, which she captioned, "IT HURTS. I love him so much." And stick around to see what commenters had to say about it. (Spoiler alert: A lot of people trolled her.)

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That morning coffee hit different...

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Amid their breakup, this woman's ex-boyfriend still made her usual morning coffee for her.

With her voice cracking, a TikToker named Annie (@anniepax) begins her video with "So..." before pausing abruptly and letting out a wavering breath.

After composing herself, she continues. "My boyfriend and I broke up two days ago. We live together still," she explains before adding sarcastically: "So fun."

"I'm moving out this weekend," she continues, "but one thing they don't tell you about is that you're still really nice to each other after a breakup."

She pans the camera around to show a cup of coffee sitting on the table before her.

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"My boyfriend made me coffee this morning like he always does," she says. "And that f------ sucks. I really wish he didn't make me coffee anymore."

And that's it. The video ends. But this short clip certainly packed a punch ... even if many commenters decided to troll Annie for referring to her ex as her "boyfriend."

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Because the internet is the internet, commenters decided to troll Annie for still referring to her ex as her "boyfriend."

Maybe humor is exactly what was needed in this situation, because many commenters decided to poke fun at Annie's wording in her video when she said her "boyfriend" made her coffee. Some decided to shoot their shot with her, too, knowing that she was now single.

"Your ex-boyfriend made you coffee," one person corrected.

"Your buddy made you coffee," another person pointed out.

"Your homie made you coffee," said another.

"Your roommate made you coffee," wrote yet another.

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"OBVIOUSLY I MEANT EX-BF STOP BULLYING ME," Annie wrote in the comments.

"So what you doing this weekend?" asked one bold user.

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Some folks wondered why Annie and her boyfriend were even breaking up at all, while others theorized that Annie's ex had something up his sleeve with this kind gesture (i.e., a plan to win her back).

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But many folks sympathized with Annie too.

"So sorry you're going through a breakup but also really glad he treats you with kindness," one person wrote. To this, Annie replied, "He really is the best."

"Makes it hurt worse when they're genuinely a good person," someone else commented, to which Annie replied, "For real."

One user said he went through something similar with his girlfriend earlier in the year. "Broke up in January. I slept on the couch and let her sleep on the bed. Until she found a place, we still watched our shows and ate together," the user wrote.

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