'Ex on the Beach' Is Gearing up for Its 'Couples' Spin-off β€” You Can Follow the Cast on Instagram

Callie (Carlos) Cadorniga - Author

Feb. 9 2023, Published 6:11 p.m. ET

When you're gearing up to tie the knot with that special someone in your life, the last person you'd ever want to run into is an ex-lover of yours who may be looking to stir things up.

That's the exact driving force behind Ex on the Beach Couples: Now or Never. This new spin-off is the latest installment of the long-running reality series, simply titled Ex on the Beach, in which former reality stars try to find love on a beach getaway while their exes arrive to kick up the drama.

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Couples cranks the heat up to 11, as six couples with marriage prospects put their loyalties to the test. Will they meet up at the altar when all is said and done or will they end up giving their exes a second chance?

Some of the cast of this new spin-off is on Instagram, so you can check out what they've been up to on social media before watching them on MTV. Check out the cast Instagrams for Ex on the Beach Couples: Now or Never.


Spari is an aspiring music producer. According to him, he still works with several women in the industry, causing some friction between him and his boo.

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Shayla Cruz

Shayla is a professional fashion model and activist on Instagram who met Spari at a Black Lives Matter protest. She runs several different accounts, including one focused on cannabis promotion.

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Spari's Ex: Ri Nelson

Ri is a music artist who specializes in singing and songwriting. She was previously involved with Spari for eight months before they split up. While Spari is now engaged, Ri still believes there's something between she and him.

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Sorinn Lillico

According to his MTV bio, Sorinn is an artist who finds inspiration in his lover. However, he has a jealous streak and is insecure about his relationship, which when combined with the presence of his fiancee's ex, creates a recipe for disaster.

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Lola De Lepine

Lola is a makeup artist who shares some deep chemistry with Sorinn. However, she still confides in her ex, Christopher Patrone, whenever her current relationship hits some bumpy roads.

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Ben Salmon

Ben is a successful business owner who wants to kick things up with his partner Jade with a proposal. Aside from couples pics with Jade, his Instagram features plenty of pics of his canine companions.

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Jade Croft

Jade is a bar worker who harbors plenty of trust issues in her engagement, especially when Ben consistently frequents the bar where his ex works.

Other than that, Jade has certainly been around, having posted pics in places like Paris.

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Ben's Ex: Kellie Ross

Ben's ex manages her own bar and currently regrets having called it off with Ben in the past. She's got her eyes on the prize with her stay on the beach.

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Jake O'Brien

On Instagram, Jake is a fitness coach who posts plenty of gym mirror selfies and progress shots. In his MTV bio, he's reportedly looking to make some major moves in his life with his girlfriend, Holly after having a near-death experience.

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Holly MacAlpine

This Australian model graduated with a degree in journalism and currently has marriage on her mind with Jake. But while she's ready to make that leap, she can clearly see that Jake is still attached to an old flame.

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Jake's Ex: Pala Negara

In the 10 years since she split with Jake, Pala became a successful model and a mother. While Jake blames Pala for his issues with commitment, Pala is more than willing to give him closure, regardless of the form it may take.

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Leylah Linda

This official Playboy bunny is a popular model who even gives off some gamer vibes, if her appreciation for Grand Theft Auto on her profile is any indication.

While she's deeply in love with her boyfriend Liam, she finds that he often prioritizes his career over her. Leylah's ready to prove that she's over her ex, so long as Liam can prove he's ready to focus on her.

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Liam Forrest

Liam is a professional boxer who can often be seen training for upcoming fights. But while he may be used to going a few rounds in the ring, he's still constantly trading emotional blows in his relationship. Despite Leylah's reassurances that she loves him over her ex, he just can't seem to get over that jealous streak of his.

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Leylah's Ex: Samura Kamara

Samura is a self-proclaimed artist on Instagram who likes sharing his music on the platform.

When it comes to love, he's willing to win Leylah back by any means necessary. Reportedly, the two of them were high school sweethearts, and Samura is still holding onto that feeling.

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Thailah T

Thailah is a professional DJ who met her boyfriend at a party. She's currently in an open relationship, but her flirtatiousness leads her to attract more folks than her boyfriend is comfortable with. The only thing that could make that more complicated is if an ex was thrown into the mix!

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Jamie Dragon

Thailah's boyfriend, Jamie, is also a DJ. Though he believes that they clicked instantly, he was also the one who instigated their "open relationship" status. If Thailah ends up with someone else, Jamie may only have himself to blame.

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Thailah's Ex: Charlie Low

Charlie is a music producer who touts "some of the biggest labels in world music," according to his Instagram bio. Reportedly, Thailah was his first love, and has since remained friends with him after their breakup.

By arriving at the beach, he hopes to expose Jamie as someone who isn't fully committed to Thailah.

Ex on the Beach Couples: Now or Never premieres tonight at 8 p.m. ET on MTV.

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