"Never Give Up on Your Pets" β€” Family Finds Dachshund Underground After Two-Day Search

A family's pet dachshund went missing for over two days. They eventually found him in the unlikeliest of places, underneath the ground.

Callie (Carlos) Cadorniga - Author

Sep. 27 2023, Published 9:09 a.m. ET

When a beloved family pet goes missing, you might pull out all the stops to try and find your little friend. If you're close, you'll probably end up scouring the neighborhood or putting up posters for any sign that your pet is OK. The best-case scenario is that you find them safe and sound no matter how long it takes. For one family, they kept searching for their pet dog for over two days.

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After looking tirelessly for their dachshund, they found him alive in a wildly unlikely place, which was a few feet underground. Here's the full story.

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This family found their missing pet dachshund underneath the ground.

In a series of TikTok videos posted in late September 2023, Alexandra Corby (@alexandracorby) laid out the harrowing tale. At the beginning of the month, three of their family's pet dachshunds went out into the woods near their home, but only two came home.

The one dog, Fred, had gone missing. Alexandra then took to social media to see if anyone on the internet had seen him. He was reportedly microchipped, but they still weren't able to locate him.

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The worried family searched and kept an eye on social media for over two days, trying to find Fred and bring him home safe and sound. Alexandra's father was especially determined and reportedly "did not give up looking" and even lost sleep over his searches.

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After 48 hours, they found him in the most unlikely of places. Using "drain cameras and hearing equipment," as well as the help of friends and family, they eventually located him underground. To clarify, he had apparently somehow dug himself into a literal hole to the point where he got lost. He may have even been tunneling around.

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Once they were able to pinpoint where he was, Alexandra's dad and their little rescue party spared no expense in digging him out. Eventually, they were able to unearth Fred safe and sound. For his part, Alexandra's dad was elated to see Fred alive and well.

As of this writing, the full story behind the search for Fred will show up on Alexandra's TikTok soon. However, the internet is already highly emotionally invested in this unsettling story and its happy ending.

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Folks in the comments called this situation "typical dachshund" behavior, with this particular breed having a tendency to dig themselves into tiny holes and find themselves lost.

"Mine got stuck in a squirrel hole," one person claimed in the comments. "Had to move a shed to dig her out. And they [looked] for another hole to dig right away."

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Another purported dachshund owner even posited that Fred "was having the time of his life in those tunnels."

Many even got a kick that even as he was rescued from the ground, Fred nearly snapped at the dad and his fellow rescuers.

Even if dachshunds are gonna dachshund, there are few stories more heartwarming than a lost pet finding their way back to their family. We're glad everything worked out for Fred and his family!

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