These Are Some of the Fastest Methods to Level up Your Weapons in 'Warzone'

Sara Belcher - Author

Jun. 18 2021, Published 7:15 p.m. ET

Source: Activision

The free-to-play Call of Duty: Warzone was the first-person shooter franchise's solution to the battle royale trend, but the game offers so much more than that. There are a variety of rotating game modes that make the title worth the download (even when your favorite is rotated out for a time).

Leveling up your weapons is an important part of gameplay. What's the fastest way to level up your guns in Warzone?

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How do you level up your weapons in 'Warzone'?

Leveling up your weapons is an important part if you want to be a skilled Warzone player. As you continue to level up your weapons, you'll receive better attachments and skins that will help you as you continue playing, making you a better player overall.

Just as you earn experience for your rank as you play, whatever weapon you have equipped also earns experience as you play, meaning you should consistently equip the weapons you want to level up before a match.

Source: Activision
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Any weapon you're not using during the match will not receive weapon XP, so it's important to make your selection before a match wisely.

For every kill you make in Warzone, you receive weapon XP in addition to rank XP. This means that, quite simply, the way to level up your weapons is by making kills.

Of course, the only way to level up your weapons is by playing the game, but there are a few hacks you can use to make the process a bit quicker.

Here's how to quickly level up your weapons in 'Warzone.'

Unfortunately, there isn't one hack that can be used to level up your weapons quickly in Warzone, and the methods you personally use will depend on your preferred style of gameplay. Different players find different methods work for them, so it might be worth it to try a few of these to see what's best for you.

To start, it's best to check before a match starts if you have any double weapon XP tokens in your inventory. Make sure to equip the correct weapon, then choose the token before a match.

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Source: Activision

Some players have found Plunder as the best game mode option to level up their weapons. This is because the focus of the game style is not just to kill other opponents but to complete contracts.

For every contract you complete in Plunder mode, you'll receive 500 weapon XP (or 1000 if you have the double weapon XP token enabled). If your match goes into overtime, you also receive 50 percent more XP for every contract you complete.

If you're personally a skilled player, then it might also be worth it to focus on matches in maps that are more open, or smaller maps in general. By equipping a double weapon XP token, you'll be earning twice as much XP for every kill you make. This would be another way to rake in the XP quickly.

Again, which method you choose to earn your weapon XP will depend on your personal playing style, but there are plenty of methods that will help you level up your weapons faster.

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